I'm looking for a scope to buy... Coupon Code AIRSOFT GI?

I just got a UTG L96A1 (MK96) from Airsoft GI. Do you know any good scopes I can buy from Airsoft GI? And is NC Star a good brand for scopes? Why are rubberized scopes better then nonrubberized scopes? What is Mildot? Is a 3-9x40 Scope better then a 4x40 scope? Is the Red and Green thing worth paying $25 more for? DO YOU KNOW ANY COUPON CODE I CAN USE TODAY FOR AIRSOFT GI?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    http://www.evike.com/ has a bunch of scopes. I got mine from there.

    try retailmenot.com for the coupon codes.

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