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Anonymous asked in PetsHorses · 1 decade ago

horse jumping arena and riding arena?

i love jumping and want to set up an outdor jumping arena. it will have just a few jumps, like 4 or 5. what size arena sould i build then? what is a good size riding arena also, outdoor, for about 4 -5 horses, possibly more? what type of flooring do i use? how high should the fences be? ive seen fences that are just a couple inches off the ground as well as 4 feet high fences. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Where I ride, our outdoor arena is about 90 x 200 and our indoor is about 80 x 200. At a minimum, you'll want the area of a small dressage arena, which has enough space for flatting, lungeing and one or two small jumps, which would be about 60 x 100. Bigger is better in this case though, you can do more with a larger ring.

    The type of footing you choose should be good for your horse's legs, rsomewhat dust-free and long lasting. Ultimately, you want the best you can afford. Sand is a popular choice but it can create a lot of dust, erodes faster and is the deepest of all footings. You may want to create a combination of sand and soil, etc. Sand can also get really muddy after rainstorms and such.Stone dust settles and drains well, doesn't erode and is not as dusty as sand. It also provides nice firm but forgiving footing for the horse. Rubber footing has also been gaining in popularity. It is resilient, dust-free, freeze resistant, no watering, and low maintenance. At my riding camp we have a rubber ring which is almost everyone's favorite to ride in. Before you decide though, visit some other facilities and look at their footing, and then talk to suppliers of footing.

    I assume that when you say fences you mean the fence surrounding the perimeter of the ring, so that being said I recommend that you build at least a 4 foot fence if not higher. If your fence is just 6 inches off the ground horses are sometimes more liable to try and jump the fence. (I know this from experience).

    Good luck with your arena!

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  • 4 years ago

    I think it sounds like your on your way to being an awesome horse owner! I think you would be fine turning him out in an arena. Your horse getting to run, buck and kick is very important. It's part of what a horse is. They love it. Especially in the cold. And it can help keep them warm and keep you from getting dumped on your head. If anything, I think it would make him more comfortable being in that arena when your riding him. I look at it this way- The longer a horse is stalled without exercise the more they become like a coiled spring. The longer there stalled with no exercise the tighter the coil gets and it's going to have to give sooner or later.

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  • Ron Sr
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Leave the flooring dirt, build your fences 4 feet high make your arena 75 feet by 150 feet.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with the people above on measurements of the arena and putting a fence around it. But I would put about 3 inches of sand down. Jumping is very hard on the horses joints and you should try to avoid making it harder on them when you can.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You gotta make it really big so about 70 by 120 feet.. Make your fences 4 feet high.. and just leave the floor dirt but make sure to pick out all the rocks you can find..

    Good luck

    Source(s): proud arabian owner
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