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I want to find yahoo chat rooms?

I need to know how to start chatting

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    Yahoo! Chat is located in the Messenger menu at the top of Y!M. You will need to use the desktop (installed) version of Yahoo! Messenger. Please note that Yahoo! restricts access to the chat rooms to those who are 18 years of age or older.

    If for some reason you do not see Yahoo! Chat in the Messenger menu either you have installed one of the international versions of Yahoo! Messenger that does not include chat rooms or your installation was corrupted. Either way the fix would be the same which is to do a complete uninstall of Y!M, reboot, and install it again. Please read below for detailed instructions. I will be giving the link to download the USA version which has chat rooms.



    Please note that doing a clean uninstall of Yahoo Messenger will erase your message archives so read here about how to copy them

    First uninstall Yahoo! Messenger through add/remove programs.

    If you want to do a total clean uninstall of Yahoo Messenger then also navigate to Program Files on your hard drive and delete the Messenger folder inside of the Yahoo Folder. Follow this path (XP): My Computer>>C: drive>>Program Files>>Yahoo>>Messenger. Reboot your computer (important!).

    If you have a trusted registry scanner use it now. If you do not have a trusted registry scanner that you are familiar with than SKIP this step because you can mess things up if you do not know what you are doing. I personally use CCleaner but then I have been using it for years and know how to use the Registry scanner portion safely. Using any of these types of programs is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Make sure you know how to create a system restore point and keep CCleaner set to backup any of the registry changes it makes.

    It is important that now you reboot your computer. Now download and install Yahoo messenger again using the following link: Full Installer for Yahoo Messenger

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