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I need help matching the part of speech to these LATIN verbs there either noun,pronoun,adjective,adverb, verb?











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    Antonius -- proper noun

    fugit - verb

    hostibus -- common noun

    spe -- common noun

    humane -- adjective

    tractavit -- verb

    sibi -- pronoun

    totum - adjective

    qui -- pronoun

    exercitum -- common noun

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  • aida
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    First of all, it a Latin word ends in t, the odds are overwhelming that it's a verb. Next, if it's capitalized, chances are that it's a proper noun. So that gets rid of three of your words. Then, if it ends in -um (and isn't "sum"), it's almost certainly a noun or an adjective. The same is true of -ibus (and occasionlly -abus). Now you're down to four, of which there are two pronouns, a fifth-declension noun (in the ablative case), and an adverb based on a first/second-declension adjective. Since your list includes nouns from every declension but the first, you must be advanced enough to figure out which of those is which.

    Source(s): Majored in Latin.
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Information and internet are both nouns as well. The is an article Your sentence should be: Ashley and her find good information quickly on the internet. She is still a pronoun

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