Battery life for a dell notebook?

Hi, I have a Dell 1300 Inspiron notebook and have had it for about 2.5 years now. When i have it plugged in to AC power it is no longer charging the battery so I am assuming the battery is dead and I need to replace it? Does anyone know how long these batteries should last? The model is KD186. Thanks

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    the KD 186 had different batteries with different cell counts. On average laptop batteries last about two to three years. Before you replace double check that removing the battery and reinstalling it doesn't fix it just incase the socket got a little loose.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have an similar situation. Same thing happened to me after just 12 months - battery used to have 2 hours on it every time it was charged, and that gradually reduced to just 3 minutes after 12 months. Then, one day, it just completely died. Out of the warranty, of course!

    I haven't yet replaced it, 4 months on, but to do so would cost around £50 to get a compatible battery. Don't buy direct from the manufacturer of your laptop - much more expensive.

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    many times the engaged on low skill a six cellular can final approximately 2 hours. 9 cells final approximately 5-6 hours on low skill. At intense skill they final approximately 0.5 of their low skill existence. many times Dell Laptops are fairly quiet. They do have followers that make noise particularly cases yet not many times.

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