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1 I heard that atheism is the absence of theism. so what is theism exactly?

2 A lot of atheists say that atheism isn't a religion. Isn't an absence of religion a religion in itself? Wouldn't saying that it isn't a religion be saying that white is not a color because it is an absence of color?

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Edit: sorry i mixed up black and white. black is the absence of color, not white.

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    1. Theism = belief in one or more gods.

    Atheism = lack of belief in any gods.

    2. You mean "black is the absence of light".

    A better example would be "I don't care about football, I think it's stupid, and I never watch any games" is not a favorite team.

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    1. Theism is the belief in one or more gods.

    2. No, an absence of religion is not a religion.

    Whether black is a colour depends on which definition of 'colour' you use. But it is not true that black is the absence of colour AND that black is a colour. That would be logically absurd. In a technical sense, black can be seen as the absence of colour (and hence not a colour) but in most applications we consider black to be a colour (and hence not the absence of colour). The confusion arises from the fact that 'colour' has more than one meaning. Depending on which meaning you use, black can be either a colour or the absence of colour, but it cannot be both.

    I understand that explanation may not have actually cleared things up for you. But look at it this way. Clearly it is not always the case that the absence of something, is something. For example, I do not own a car. Would you say that my choice not to have a car, is a car? Of course not, that's ridiculous. Similarly the absence of belief in gods is not a religion.

    The other, even simpler, way to resolve this question would be to look up 'religion' in a dictionary. Generally you'll find that it has to be a set of beliefs (atheism is not) about the origins of the universe (atheism is not) involving gods or some other supernatural element (atheism does not). So if any of those three elements are part of your definition of 'religion', atheism cannot be a religion.

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    1. Theism is the belief in a higher power \ god \ deity of some sort. Atheism is the lack of belief, the rejection of that claim, or to some truly deluded people, a "belief" that gods don't exist. Calling atheism a belief is like calling not-collecting stamps a hobby.

    2. Atheism is a religion in much the same way that bald is a hair color. If you were filling out a form, and it asked you your hair color, you would be correct in saying "none" or "bald." Likewise, if I was filling out a form, and it asked my religion, I would be correct in saying "none" or "atheist." That's about as close to religion as you're going to get for atheism.

    Edit: The black\white thing depends on who you ask. White reflects all color wavelengths, while black absorbs all color wavelengths. You could say that white is the absence of color because it reflects all color wavelengths: it represents no color. However, for truly "no color," you should go with clear

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    1. Atheism is...

    "Atheism can be either the rejection of theism, or the position that deities do not exist. In the broadest sense, it is the absence of belief in the existence of deities." [1]

    Whereas Theism is...

    "Theism in the broadest sense is the belief in at least one deity." [2]

    Deity meaning God, of course.

    2. Atheism is a lack of religion. While it is a religious viewpoint, it is not a religion in itself. White is not an absence of color, it is a combination of all colors of light. You would be more correct in saying that black is not a color because it is an absence of color.

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    1 Theism is believing in one or more supernatural deities.

    2 Atheism is not a religion it's a state of non believing in a deity.

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    1. Theism is the belief in god. Atheists don't believe in a god or gods

    2. Atheism is not a religion because there are are no established rituals or dogma, just one belief.

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    1. Theism is a belief in one or more gods.

    2. And yes....it's also like saying "not collecting stamps" is a hobby.

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    1) Theism - generic term for people who believe in the metaphysical.

    2) Atheism - (capital "a") a term used to irritate atheists who take themselves way too seriously.

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    1 the belief in a god that intervenes in human affairs

    2 No is bald a hair color?Is your lack of belief in zeus a religion?

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