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Should we be scolded for allowing our Elected Officials to go play unsupervised?

If the Country is in a mess. I would not agree with the many that want to throw a stone at the President that just exited or the one that just cam in.

It is not possible for them alone to create the current situation. The current situation in part is due to our Elected Officials and they work for us!

So if we have not held them to task by demanding accounting to us - then are we ourselves also a bit to blame for the current conditions?

I realize there are Global factors; however We have Elected Officials that we can put out of office, via recall, etc... and do you think that "We the People" have any % of the blame for the current climate, since "We" have not held them accountable?


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    Voice, your question reminds me of something Samuel Adams said in 1776, when speaking of the People.

    "If ever a time come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our County will stand in need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its ruin."

    This is one of those times, and Adams is reminding us, we are the Power.

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    You have it well thought out.

    It is Congress' fault.

    Pelosi and Reid's obstructionist activities completely halted all activity in behalf of the US citizenship. Their combined approval rating was in the low 20% because Americans knew they were dropping the ball. Pelosi said it was her job to campaign for the Democratic candidate not do the work of the people.

    As a result of their poor handling of Congress we had an economic melt down in the home financing. Congress passed no legislation to protect us. We can thank Barney Frank and his Fannie Mae exec. boyfriend for that fiasco and Pelosi and Reid for not watching the fox in the hen house.

    We can replay the whole thing here but needless to say the fault is with the leadership in Congress for the past two and a half years while we watched the stock market fail.

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    1. the reason your elected officials won't stop the flow of illegal immigration into this country is because these workers are needed in our economy so that all Americans including your sorry A S S can benefit from the cheap labor and services that they provide. 2. saying that is is only Mexicans that are coming into this country shows how much of a bigot you are. there is a local Irish pub by my house that is always hiring illegal Irish bartenders...... yet people like you with such simplistic, myopic, and racists views can only see this as a Mexican issue!!!! 3. this country is being ruined by the corporations and small businesses that hire immigrants at lower wages while the American worker gets screwed out of a livable wage for higher profit margins and for the all Americans to benefit from including people like you.

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    Lot of conditions add up to disaster It took years of screw ups to get where we are and everyone wants to blame the other guy. Obama knew he was walking into a giant pothole and let's give him a chance to see what can done many people think all this can be fixed over night not going to happen. Republicans are fighting him tooth and nail seems they want business as usual and you have to realize how we got here in the first place.Next attack how many got the email saying hyow bad health care bill is, did you bother to read the other side of the coin people seem to want to hear something and then take it as gospel.

    You just have to study both sides of any issue.

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    There is not much real difference in candidates

    as the PARTY is so divided~~this causes the ferocity

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    if we continue to let our paid elected officials to do just what they please, we probaby deserve to just bend over and take it.

    middle class workers of the united states, are you willing to just accept a tax hike? one that obama promised he would not allow?

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    The ones we should scold are the idiots who are in charge.

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    I wish they would have told us about Sept 2nd

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    Yes, we totally let it happen.

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