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Does anyone know the benefits or side effects of taking magnesium?

I have experienced some twitching and some joint stiffness (may or may not be related) A doctor told me a while ago the twitching was a lack of magnesium.


Thanks for your answers so far.

should it be taken WITH calcium ?

does it interfere with the absorption of Thyroxine?

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    Magnesium is quite an important mineral used in the body in conjunction with Calcium in maintaining bone density and muscle impulses, which also works in association with Vitamins B1 and B6. It is used in the body's co-ordination of muscles and nerves, for healthy teeth and bones, and in activating enzymes within the body. It's also used in protein synthesis so is vital for the production of some hormones too.

    A deficiency of Magnesium can affect the nervous system, brittle bones, muscle cramps, insomnia, tremors, anxiety and tiredness. Some heart attacks are attributed to magnesium deficiency due to its presences being essential in muscle contraction. Absorption of magnesium is blocked or reduced by the ingestion of the contraceptive pill and by a high milk, dairy or fat diet.

    Magnesium is the vital component found in chlorophyll in plants so it is found in most green leafy vegetables as well as eggs, seafood, all nuts, brown rice, soya beans, almonds, seeds, maize, kale, oats, apples, avocados, bananas and black grapes. The best food sources are wheatgerm (490mg) and almonds (270mg). Food high in calcium actually reduce the magnesium absorption so foods such as milk and dairy should be avoided.

    The RDA is 300mg but before considering supplements it may be an idea to research what vitamins work in conjunction with Magnesium, such as Vitamin B1, B6, C and D. The absorption of Magnesium is better with an Amino acid Chelate and Citrate rather than Magnesium Carbonate or sulphate.

    Source(s): Professional Complementary Therapist
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  • Tink
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    The twitching, yes, I could certainly see that...and getting rid of them would be a benefit....its a neurotransmitter among other things, which is how it controls muscle actions...helps with stress a great deal as well....

    Side effects occur when you take too much - and it loosens the stools...which for some folks, is a welcome effect. If its bothersome, just cut back...

    You could take regular soaks in epsoms salts (magnesium sulfate) - your skin will absorb magnesium that way

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  • 1 decade ago

    Magnesium is not very well absorbed orally.

    Too much will give you diarrrhea or loose stools.

    I recommend a K/Mg chelate for leg cramps. It works very well.

    Calcium is an antidote to Mg overdose (IV).

    Be careful with Mg if you have renal problems.

    I am not sure of that will help with joint stiffness.

    Source(s): personal knowledge
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  • 6 years ago

    Read about common Magnesium side effects and what other patients report here:

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  • coon
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    3 years ago

    i've got been taking it for particularly awhile. It became into suggested to me for a nap sickness. It worked for me a great style of the time. i think effective. I additionally had some muscle twitching which it helped. i do no longer think of you would be disillusioned.

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