Im picking up a guitar from craigslist?

i have the guys number, ive seen pictures. is it normal to meet at his house? im 16, and im bringing my dad of coarse, but im still a bit worried as it is my first craigslist exchange. its a guitar with a case, and stand, so i dont know where to meet, his house, starbucks? it would be kinda awkward meeting at starbucks though, how will he know its me? is it wierd sitting in starbucks with a huge guitar case? im so nervous. help?

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    1 decade ago
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    It's actually the "norm" ... everything so far that I've bought off Craigslist, or sold on Craigslist ... has always been at a person's house.

    It's ALWAYS a good idea to bring someone else along, though (especially if you're a girl, no offense) ... especially your dad ... anyone who would consider doing something "heinous" (sexual assault, murdering you, etc) would definitely think TWICE.

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