is the producer of a rap song kind of like the equivalent of the writer/composer of a rock song?

i just notice in wikipedia, for rock (and most classic) albums they always list the composers/writers, but for rap albums they list the producers.

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  • Josh
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    Well the reason that rap usually only lists producers is because the genre isnt instrumently inclined. Rap is all computerized beats rather than guitars, bass, and drums.

    As for the writing theres nothing different. Any lyric can be sung over a rock n roll beat, country beat, blues beat, ect. A lot of great performers will cover songs that started out originally country and convert them to a great rock n roll and vise versa sound. Some good examples are:

    Metallica - Turn the Page (originally done by Bob Seger)

    Kid Rock - Feel Like Makin' Love (originally done by Bad Company)

    Run DMC - Walk This Way (originally done by Aerosmith)

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