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harry potter..............?

ok, it doesnt make sense. harry potter is like 29 years old and in the movies hes like 16 or 17. the first book came out in 1998. so was his first year at hogwarts in 1998? can someone explain it to me?

im confused... 0_o

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    Lily Evans was born on January 30, 1960. James Potter was born March 27, 1960. They got married, and shortly thereafter had a son, Harry James Potter, who was born July 31, 1980. A year after, in 1981 on Halloween, both of Harry's parents died.

    Nine years later, in 1990, Harry turned ten. He turned eleven and began attending Hogwarts in 1991-1992. His second year was 1992-1993, and so on. He should have begun his seventh year (but instead hurried into hiding) in 1997, which turned over into 1998. Harry's seventh year finished (or at least, it would have, had he attended Hogwarts that year) in 1998. This happens to be the same year that JK Rowling published the very first Harry Potter book, but the dates do not correspond. Harry is supposedly 17 in the beginning of 1998, although technically he's only one.

    To make it clearer, I'll answer each of your questions separately (though you could pick them out of my above answer if you so chose):

    Technically, the actors are older than they're supposed to be. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) is 24 when he's supposed to be playing as a 17-year-old.

    The first book was published in 1997, and was released in 1998, but Harry's first year of Hogwarts and the year of publication are not the same; Harry started attending in 1991.

    Hope that cleared everything up.

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    The guy who plays Harry Potter (Radcliffe) isn't that old. He's only 19. Remember, he had to wait until last year to do that naked broadway show because he was under 18.

    Anyway, no his first year wasn't 1998. That's just when the book came out. His first year at Hogwarts was technically either 1990 or 1991, if you go by Harry Potter (the character) and what year he was born. The character would have to have been eleven to start Hogwarts. First years are 11, second 12, third 13, fourth 14, fifth 15 and so on....

    I think all of it is explained on the Harry Potter Lexicon and on JKR's actual website, the Harry Potter Website, or Mugglenet (which is my favorite HP fansite other than the Lexicon).

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    In real life I think Daniel Radcliff just turned 20. In the books Harry was born July 31, 1980. The date of the books release have nothing to do with the age of Harry at the time. When we first started reading about Harry in 1998, he would have been 18 not 11.

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    the book's publishing dates are different from the dates the harry potter books take place in. I mean, it would be impossible for jk to have gotten each book pucblished at the corresponding date for harry's world anyway. Harry starts going to Hogwarts in 1991, so when the first book was published, it was the year after the series ended in Harry's world. It's actually good timing because then jk can really talk through the books in the past tense.

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    actually his first year at hogwarts started in 1990 and he started when he was 11. So that would make him a few days away from being 30. The books didn't come out in time with the Harry Potter world. The movie of each book comes out a few years after each book. So that makes the world ahead of the books and the books ahead of the movies. I hope that makes atleast a little sense.

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    Hi first year at Hogwarts wa 1991. He was 11. In 1992 he was 12 and tarting hi second year, so on so forth... In the book's timeline, Harry was born in 1980.

    The book was published in 1998, but that' not when the series takes place.

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    Harry Potter starts the first book at age 11, and each book following that is another year. By the end of the 7th book he is 17. In the epilogue of that book, which is "19 Years Later" he is 36.

    The books go from summer/fall of 1991 to spring of 1998. This is known because in the second book, when they go to Nearly Headless Nick's 500th Deathday Party, the sign says "1492-1992", placing fall of that book in 1992.

    I hope it makes more sense now!

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    Harry started Hogwarts in 1991

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    Alright, so in the books, Harry's first year starts as he turns 11 in June, as he turns 12, he begins his second year and so on.

    When they cast Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, he was 11 for the first movie. This was perfect for the first movie, but they took over a year to make other movies, which meant that Daniel is older than his character in the movies because they took so long to make them.

    In the books, Harry started school in 1991. This is how the story goes, so although the first movie was made in 2001, it is set in 1991. (and so on)

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    ok first off, hes not 29. hes 20 or 21. second. I think he was born in the 80's or 90's... I'm not 100% positive. If you do the math from Deathly Hallows off Lily and James' graves, you can figure it out. Take the year they died, and subtract 1 year because thats how old Harry was when they were murdered. So that will give you the year he was born in. If you want to figure out his first year at Hogwarts, add 11 years to the year you figure out (his birth-year)

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