I was born with a highly sensitive nervous system...?

I can feel things at a wider and higher range than average people, it doesn't mean that I am more susceptible to feeling cold or hot for example, I probably feel the same amount of hot and cold as anyone, but I can feel much more than the sensations of hot or cold, I feel everything, every little prick and crispness in the air, the energy in the environment etc...

This makes me highly susceptible to overstimulation and stress. In fact I am constantly overstimulated, and highly stressed most of the time. When I am out, I have a hard time being relaxed because I feel everything, it's like my nerves are raw, out in the open, exposed. Does anyone understand what I mean?

This is my world, but I am by no means weak, I feel so much, yet I look at other people who shrink from every little bump and hiccup in this world and hide without confidence, I don't think I'm like that. Because of my biological/physiological make-up, I live everyday with constant hand-temors and I am only recently coming to understanding that my hand-tremors are related to high stress and overstimulation. They are the measurements to how much anxiety from overwhelm that I am experiencing. Normal people do not have hand tremors that never stop, unless they are highly stressed and overstimulated. I manage to live everyday like it's normal, and I'm 24.

Does anyone here know more about essential tremors and how it relates to overstimulation/overwhelm/stress and the nervous system? I am trying to learn more about myself, I want to cope..


I've read Elain Aaron's book the Highly Sensitive Person, and I own it. It's a good book. I am still looking for more information though, it seems like there's more to learn..

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    You have geopathic stress. Low trace elements and amino acids.

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  • emmey
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    3 years ago

    Highly Sensitive Nervous System

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  • 1 decade ago

    I, too, am highly sensitive. A few years ago, Elaine Aron wrote a book called The HIghly Sensitive Person. If you've not yet read it, I would recommend you do so. I found some good coping strategies, especially for stress reduction. Please find this book and have a read. It's well worth the price.

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