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Readers: Would you buy a novel from an author that does not read often as long as it is very well written?

I have been working on a novel for months, spending hours editing instead of just continuing the story, but a lot of things went through my head preventing me from working; common things that most authors go though while they write.

One particular issue was whether someone would actually buy my work. I grew up with a big imagination, taking apart action figures and mixing them together and making my own stories in my head, and I always wanted to use my creative mind in a carrier. My first dream job was to work in game design, I had no idea which job I wanted as long as I was part of the team. I took three years of Drafting in high school, but after the third year I became board, which is when I decided to take Creative Writing. After that class I really could not stop writing.

I know I keep rambling on, but I just thought I would give a little back story. Anyways, I am not saying that I hate reading, I enjoy seeing the stories in my head when I read instead of watching it, I just do not read constantly. I am not one of those people that read one book a week, every two weeks, or even every month, I simply read every now and then as research of to gain a bigger vocabulary. I love reading about supernatural history and Greek Mythology, I have an encyclopedia on it. I would rather read a short story by Edgar Allan Poe or a script than a novel sometimes, that way I could finish the story, I do not think there is anything wrong with that as long as I am reading something.

So, back to the question, would you buy a novel from an author that does not read often as long as it is very well written?

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    You've got to remember than when someone walks into a bookstore looking for a good read, they have no idea how many books any of the authors have read. I couldn't tell you how well-read most of my favorite authors are. The only thing I know is how well they write, and that is all that matters. If you have confidence in your writing skills, then the fact that you seldom read won't matter at all.

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    Aly is right. Most people don't have any idea of an author's reading habits, unless they're a die-hard fan. I, for example, *love* JK Rowling and Jane Austen, but I have no idea what they've read, except that Rowling "adores the The Little White Horse" (by Elizabeth Goudge), and the only reason I know that is because there's a quote by her on the cover of that book, saying that exact thing. But I don't know anything else, and I love their books.

    Being well read doesn't *always* mean that you'll be a great writer. And the same is true in reverse. What writers gain from reading is inspiration and a sense of the way books work. Of course, you must know how books work, and you could be inspired by anything. And in any case, if you're a good writer, I'll read your work.

    Has this convinced you that the answer to your question is "yes"?

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    There would be no way for me know an author doesn't read unless they tell you but no I wouldn't. Why? I think Stephen King said it best.

    "If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot...reading is the creative center of a writer's cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you."

    How can you be a good writer if you don't read to see how the greats before you did it. A doctor isn't effective if they don't study medicine, a lawyer who didn't study law is a liability, and a writer who doesn't read can't possibly write.

    Edit: I don't care what or who you read so long as you read. You might be a good writer but no doubt reading will make you a better one.

  • How would I even know the author's reading habits? I don't read up on the author in advance (or even the short bio sometimes included in the book) to determine if it's a book I want to read. And unless the author is really pretentious, I doubt they'd share how many books they read as a credential.

    So, I guess the answer to your question is, yes, I would buy a novel if it's well written and interesting regardless of the author's reading habits.

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    well, it's not like anyone in the bookstore will know your reading habits. However I certainly believe that a writer should read a lot. I think people who have read more books and know more in general and have many opinions on many books and spend lots of time studying books/literature, tend to make better writers. I might buy the book if it looked interesting, whether you read a lot or not but it would make YOU a better writer if you read. You lean a lot when you read. I agree with bleeding pen.

    It's a bit arrogant that you expect people to take the time to read your book, yet you don't read...

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    I think anyone who likes to read likes to read novels which are well written. I think your question has more to do with your doubts about the quality of your work than the tendencies of its potential consumers.

    What should it matter what your personal reading habits are if you turn out good work?

    Why are you asking about whether we would "buy" your work? It makes your question into a marketing study based on a factor that has nothing to do with the value of the product.

    My advice would be to turn out good work. If it's good, people will want to read it, so they will buy it.

    -- Flint

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, I usually read a book once a week but my best friend absolutely hates reading. I don't use that against her and she is an amazing at writing funny short stories. I would read your book in a heartbeat if it caught my interest regardless of your personal habits. :) Good Luck!

  • Lois O
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    if it's good then people will buy it. It's not like if and when the book gets published you'll broadcast on the front of it 'don't be put off by an author who doesn't read much'. no one will know!

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    i didnt read any of that.

    sorry. im tired. haha.

    but, yeah id totally read a book, even if the author doesnt read often.


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