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Favourite solo artist ever?

prefably one that doesn't feature in a band, although if its a band member that went solo, I guess thats ok.

I'm torn between David Bowie and Neil Young.

BQ: Favourite song from a band member that went solo?

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    I am a huge fan of David Bowie and Neil Young as well, but I'm so in love with John Frusciante's music, so..him.

    BQ: Too many to choose from. Here's a few:

    Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

    Landslide - Stevie Nicks

    China Girl - Iggy Pop

    Fields Of Gold - Sting

    No Good Trying - Syd Barrett

  • Thomas
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    Hendrix Was Pratically A one Man Band (Besides Drums) So hes my pick

    If Jimi Doesn't Count I Would Say Tom Morello's Solo Career Has Been Awesome (The NightWatchmen)

    BQ: Star Spangled Banner- Jimi Hendrix

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    Dallas Green

    Favourite song: Sleeping Sickness

  • Anonymous
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    Iggy Pop. :D

    BQ: Hehe, Dum Dum Boys by - Iggy Pop!

    Followed by Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan.

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  • Anonymous
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    Neil Young, with Leonard Cohen a close second.

    BQ: John Lennon - Imagine

  • mark j
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    I've been a massive fan of Bowie since i was 14, so it's definitely him for me. Apart from some dodgy stuff he released in the eighties, the quality and diversity of his music can't be matched in my opinion.

    BQ: Lou Reed - Street Hassle

    Youtube thumbnail

    By the way, i love your avatar. SFA OK!!

  • Red
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    Neil Young

    BQ: Analyse - Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Varg Vikernes from Burzum

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  • Celldweller, he was in bands but this project wasn't the result of him going solo.

    Favorite song: The Last Firstborn

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