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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Where could I find a list of Private Military/Security Companies in the US?

I'm interested in becoming a private military/security contractor later in life. Where can I find a list of private military/security companies?


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    There are many. By the way "Blackwater" isn't called that anymore but "Xe." Folks just can't get their name out of the mind. Also, you need to bring some skills to the table for most of these jobs. Some require miiltary/law enforcement background depending on what you apply for. Others will train you up like anywhere else. Check each page(s) and look for their resume/careers sections. Most are detailed on what they require and you can always just write/call the company.

    Some US ones:

    -AirScan: Titusville, FL US Department of Defense, US Air Force, NASA, US Forest Service, National Test Pilot School, National Response Corporation, US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Reclamation, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, Maximum Protective Services, ECOPETROL: the national oil company of Colombia, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (Angola), SONANGOL: national oil company of Angola airborne surveillance and security

    -Custer Battles: McLean, Virginia Iraq and oil sector (at present, have ceased operations in Iraq)

    -Defion Internacional

    -DynCorp: Falls Church, VA Iraq

    -ITT Corporation: White Plains, NY Kosovo

    -KBR Houston Formerly a Division of Halliburton

    -Jericho Defense Corp.: Miami, FL

    -Military Professional Resources Inc.: Alexandria, VA

    :MVM, Inc.: Vienna, Virginia CIA and NSA contractor

    -Northbridge Services Group: Turkmenistan, Somalia, Nigeria

    -Northrop Grumman: Los Angeles

    Paratus World Wide Protection Charlotte, New Jersey Iraq

    -Patriot Defense Group, LLC: Maitland, FL

    -Raytheon: Cambridge, MA

    -Revomatica: Fort Worth, TX Not disclosed Information Technologies, Intelligence, Security and Warfare

    -Triple Canopy, Inc.: Herndon, Virginia South America Iraq

    -Sharp End International who use mainly Australian and New Zealand ex-special forces instructors

    -Sector Blue: Washington, DC Not disclosed Special Operations Group

    -Titan Corporation: San Diego, CA Benin

    -Vinnell Corporation: Fairfax, Virginia Turkey, Saudi Arabia

    -Xe: Moyock, NC Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans, Louisiana, and others Formerly Blackwater Worldwide

    -Pathfinder Security Services

    Here is a list (near the bottom) of current US and UK PMCs with their web links.

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