what are some good country songs like....?

songs like ticks and low places.

stuff by brad paisley, or any other good country singers like him.

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  • Cody
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    1 decade ago
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    Not exactly the same as Brad Paisley or Garth, but these guys play some damn good country music. They're all from the Texas and Oklahoma region, give em a chance.

    Aaron Watson- 3rd Gear and 17

    Aaron Watson- Barbed Wire Halo

    Aaron Watson- Rollercoaster Ride

    Aaron Watson- Blame It On Me

    Aaron Watson- Hearts Are Breaking Across Texas

    Aaron Watson- San Angelo

    Aaron Watson- Off The Record

    Aaron Watson- Love Makin' Song

    Aaron Watson- That's What I Like About A Country Song

    Aaron Watson- Next To Heaven


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    Bart Crow Band- Driftin' In The Wind

    Bart Crow Band- All I Need

    Bart Crow Band- Wear My Ring

    Bart Crow Band- Back Down

    Bart Crow Band- Burnout

    Bart Crow Band- Understand


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    Bleu Edmondson- 50 Dollars and A Flask of Crown

    Bleu Edmondson- Little Bit Crazy

    Bleu Edmondson- The Band Plays On

    Bleu Edmondson- Finger On The Trigger

    Bleu Edmondson- Last Last Time

    Bleu Edmondson- Resurrection

    Bleu Edmondson- American Saint

    Bleu Edmondson- Last Call

    Brandon Rhyder- This Ain't It

    Brandon Rhyder- Between Here And The Front Door

    Brandon Rhyder- Fingers To The Bone

    Brandon Rhyder- I Can't Hang On

    Brandon Rhyder- Man of Conviction

    Brandon Rhyder- Freeze Frame Time

    Brandon Rhyder- Back Roads

    Brandon Rhyder- Let The Good Times Roll

    Casey Donahew Band- White Trash Story

    Casey Donahew Band- Crazy

    Casey Donahew Band- Let You Down

    Casey Donahew Band- Hangovers and Memories

    Casey Donahew Band- Twelve Gauge

    Charlie Robison- My Hometown

    Charlie Robison- Barlight

    Charlie Robison- Good Times

    Charlie Robison- Sunset Boulevard

    Charlie Robison- I Want You Bad

    Charlie Robison- A Poor Man's Son

    Charlie Robison- El Cerrito Place

    Charlie Robison- New Year's Day

    Cooder Graw- Better Days

    Cooder Graw- Shifting Gears

    Cory Morrow- Drink One More Round

    Cory Morrow- All Said and Done

    Cory Morrow- Good Intentions

    Cory Morrow- Big City Stripper

    Cory Morrow- Drinkin Alone

    Cory Morrow- Nothing Better

    Cory Morrow- Straight To Hell

    Cory Morrow- Nashville Blues

    Cory Morrow- He Carries Me

    Cory Morrow- Love Finds Everyone

    Cory Morrow- Texas Time Travelin'

    Cory Morrow- Outside The Lines

    Cory Morrow- Restless Girl

    Cory Morrow- Beat of Your Heart

    Cory Morrow- All Said and Done


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    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Hammer Down

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Sick and Tired

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Alabama

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Broken (Like Mine)

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- 17

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Leaving Tennessee

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Cry Lonely

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Anywhere But Here

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Lonely Girl

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Boys From Oklahoma

    Cross Canadian Ragweed- Carney Man


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    Darren Kozelsky- Good Day To Get Gone

    Darren Kozelsky- Seven Vern Gosdins Ago

    Deryl Dodd- Things Are Fixin To Get Real Good

    Deryl Dodd- New Tony Lamas

    Deryl Dodd- Pearl Snaps

    Deryl Dodd- Stronger Proof

    Django Walker- College Life

    Django Walker- Texas Blacktop Highway

    Django Walker- Texas On My Mind

    Eli Young Band- Oklahoma Girl

    Eli Young Band- When It Rains

    Eli Young Band- Always The Love Songs

    Eli Young Band- Lonely All The Time

    Eli Young Band- Jet Black and Jealous

    Eli Young Band- Radio Waves

    Eli Young Band- Small Town Kid

    Eli Young Band- Highways and Broken Hearts


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    Gary P. Nunn- London Homesick Blues

    Gary P. Nunn- Perfectly Normal

    Gary P. Nunn- What I Like About Texas

    Granger Smith- Don't Listen To The Radio

    Granger Smith- Count The Stars

    Granger Smith- Colorblind

    Granger Smith- Waste of Whiskey

    Granger Smith- While She's Sleeping

    Granger Smith- Little Town


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    The Great Divide- Days Go

    The Great Divide- Pour Me A Vacation

    The Great Divide- Round That Bend

    The Great Divide- Alive & Well

    The Great Divide- Lets Get Out of Here

    Jack Ingram- Mustang Burn

    Jack Ingram- Work This Out

    Jack Ingram- Keep On Keepin' On

    Jack Ingram- Barbie Doll

    Jack Ingram- How Many Days

    Jack Ingram- Still Got Scars

    Jack Ingram- A Little Bit

    Jamie Richards- They've Never Been To Texas

    Jamie Richards- Whiskey Nights

    Jamie Richards- Back To Being Me

    Jamie Richards- Drive

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Pearl Snaps

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Tennessee Whiskey

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Drinkin Song

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Up and Gone

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Shot Full of Holes

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Mary

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Outlaw Band

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- The Party's Not Over

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- No One Left To Blame

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Comal County Blue

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Mexico Or Crazy

    Jerry Audley- I Just Want To Hold You

    Jerry Audley- Lucky Me, Lonely You

    Jerry Jeff Walker- Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother

    Jerry Jeff Walker- Jaded Lover

    Johnny Cooper- Texas To You

    Johnny Cooper- Nothing At All

    Johnny Cooper- Red Dirt

    Johnny Cooper- It's You

    Josh Abbott Band- Taste

    Josh Abbott Band- Missing You Again

    Josh Abbott Band- Good Night For Dancing

    Josh Abbott Band- Electric Skies

    Josh Abbott Band- Buried Me

    Keith Davis- Leave Tonight

    Kevin Fowler- Hard Man To Love

    Kevin Fowler- J.O.B.

    Kevin Fowler- Senorita Mas Fina

    Kevin Fowler- Best Mistake I Ever Made

    Kevin Fowler- Long Line of Losers

    Kevin Fowler- All The Tequila In Tijuana

    Kevin Fowler- Loose Loud & Crazy

    Kevin Fowler- Read Between The Lines


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    Kyle Bennett Band- Should've Listened

    Kyle Bennett Band- Grey Sunrise

    Kyle Bennett Band- What's It Like

    Kyle Bennett Band- Adios

    Kyle Bennett Band- Later On

    Kyle Park- Don't Look

    Kyle Park- Baby I'm Gone

    Kyle Park- Somebody's Trying To Steal My Heart

    Kyle Park- Holdin' On To Nothin'

    Kyle Park- Yours and Mine

    No Justice- The Toast

    No Justice- Don't Walk Away

    No Justice- Red Dress

    Pat Green- Wave On Wave

    Pat Green- Feels Just Like It Should

    Pat Green- Three Days

    Pat Green- Whiskey

    Pat Green- Way Back Texas

    Pat Green- Take Me Out To A Dancehall

    Pat Green- Dixie Lullaby

    Pat Green- John Wayne and Jesus

    Pat Green- Baby Doll


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    Randy Rogers Band- Lost and Found

    Randy Rogers Band- Tonight's Not The Night

    Randy Rogers Band- One More Goodbye

    Randy Rogers Band- Kiss Me In The Dark

    Randy Rogers Band- Memory

    Randy Rogers Band- Company You Keep

    Randy Rogers Band- Better Off Wrong

    Randy Rogers Band- Lonely Too Long


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    Reckless Kelly- Break My Heart

    Reckless Kelly- Love In Her Eyes

    Reckless Kelly- Nobody's Girl

    Reckless Kelly- Ragged As The Road

    Rich O'Toole- In A Minute or 2

    Rich O'Toole- When Kelly Comes To Town

    Rich O'Toole- Summertime

    Rich O'Toole- Queen of The Misfits

    Rich O'Toole- Marijuana & Jalapenos

    Robert Earl Keen- The Road Goes On Forever

    Robert Earl Keen- Corpus Christi Bay

    Robert Earl Keen- That Buckin' Song

    Robert Earl Keen- Feelin' Good Again

    Roger Creager- Love Is Crazy

    Roger Creager- Things Look Good Around Here

    Roger Creager- Rancho Grande

    Roger Creager- Fun All Wrong

    Roger Creager- A Good Day For Sunsets

    Roger Creager- Everclear Song

    Scott Wiggins Band- Lonely Is Holding Me

    Scott Wiggins Band- Was It Worth It

    Stoney LaRue- Feet Don't Touch The Ground

    Stoney LaRue- One Chord Song

    Stoney LaRue- Texas Moon

    Stoney LaRue- Oklahoma Breakdown

    Tommy Alverson- Uno Mas Cerveza

    Wade Bowen- Get Away

    Wade Bowen- One Step Closer

    Wade Bowen- Mood Ring

    Wade Bowen- Mystery Of A Woman

    Wade Bowen- Lay It All On You

    Wade Bowen- Who I Am

    Wade Bowen- Nobody's Fool

    Wade Bowen- If We Ever Make It Home

    Wade Bowen- You Had Me At My Best

    Wade Bowen- God Bless This Town


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    Whiskey Myers- Gone Away

    Whiskey Myers- Lonely East Texas Night

    Zona Jones- Whiskey Kinda Way

    Zona Jones- Two Hearts (One Love)

    I can only list a total of 10 links. So go to YouTube and search for the artist that don't have a link, if you want to listen to them.

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  • levell
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    3 years ago

    Hold me Like the River Jordan And I will then say to thee You are my buddy Carry me Like you're my brother Love me like a mom Will you be there Oh, love Weary Tell me, will you preserve me When mistaken will you scold me When misplaced will you discover me But they instructed me A guy must be faithfull And stroll while now not capable And battle 'til the top But I'm most effective human Michael Jackson "Will you be there" Ill Sing it to the Mirror Or wait is it Man within the Mirror Nah Ill sing that when.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you like Brad Paisley you'll like Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean too!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Keith Urban is really good

    Taylor Swift

    Carrie Underwood

    Brad Paisley is my favourite, but you know him already

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jason Aldean and Rascal Flatts are awesome.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Keith Urban

    Taylor Swift

    Carrie Underwood

    Can you answer my question please?


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  • kenny loggins - danny's Song

    i dont even listen to country but i love this song

    i like it how Anne Murray sings it to though

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  • 1 decade ago

    deirks Bentley

    jason aldean

    craig morgan

    t-swift(of course)

    gary allen(woot woot)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Taylor Swift

    Kenny (Chesley)

    (dont kno how to spell)

    Source(s): radio
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