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Considering the Miami Dolphins' tough schedule, will they do worse or make the playoffs again, and why?

Here's a reminder of their schedule.

Sun 9/13 at Atlanta

Mon 9/21 Indianapolis

Sun 9/27 at San Diego

Sun 10/4 Buffalo

Mon 10/12 NY Jets


Sun 10/25 New Orleans

Sun 11/1 at NY Jets

Sun 11/8 at New England

Sun 11/15 Tampa Bay

Thu 11/19 at Carolina

Sun 11/29 at Buffalo

Sun 12/6 New England

Sun 12/13 at Jacksonville

Sun 12/20 at Tennessee

Sun 12/27 Houston

Sun 1/3 Pittsburgh


Bl4ck_Sp4de, I don't want to give any team or even the Patriots in our division so early because anything can happen. Look what happened to Brady last year. I'm sure he'll do very good for sure, but I don't think he will start playing like he did in 2007 from week 1. Sometimes people who comeback from injuries are not the same player as before. Remember, he's in his 30's already. He won't play like he did in his 20s. Once you reach 30, your body doesn't respond as well sometimes.

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    well you can't say just because brady is back means 2 losses off the bat. #1 brady doesn't play D and #2 brady isnt immortal he throws Int's and inc passes a lot. i think realistically since teams who have turnarounds like this usually take a 3-game drop back (check the NFC south for further details) which would say 8-8 but..... miami was about 20 seconds from having a 13-3 record last year so i personally believe they lose 6-7 games.

    i think they lose to san diego, new orleans, the patriots (once) i think they will slip on the game in buffalo, houston (they always do.....) and either carolina or pittsburgh.

    you are probably wondering why i didnt say they will lose to the falcons or colts. personally i watched a ton of falcons games last year with my friend (big falcons fan) and i realized that matt ryan had a simplified playbook with a few zingers here and there which you could see in their 5 losses its was against teams who liked to switch up the D a lot (take philly for example) and i think he is gonna need a little time to catch on to that expanded version of the playbook he is getting. and i say indy because they have problems in a couple spots that could take 3-4 games to fix + i think in the early part of the season they will try to run the ball a lot which will fail against the dolphins because they have very good run D.

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    Every team is undefeated right now, but by the time the clock winds down in Week 17 the Dolphins will sport a 7-9 record. At best.

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    They won't make the playoffs. Brady is back, which pretty guarantees two losses off the bat, and it guarantees they won't win the division. They overachieved last season with an easy schedule. This season, they won't be so lucky. Games that I see them losing:



    San Diego

    New York (At least 1)

    New Orleans

    New England (Both)





    So I think they'll finish around 5-11.

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    they could go anywhere from 10-6 to 6-10 just depends on if Pennington can play well and not turn the ball over

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