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Is reassigning US troops from Iraq to Afghanistan the "troop withdraw" Obama campaigned on?

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    Obama promised to withdraw the troops from Iraq and to put more in Afghanistan

    Obama is an American hero and the haters are only making themselves look like fools for questioning his every breath

    God Bless Obama

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    8 years under Bush = 537 US deaths 4 years under Obama = 1,500+ deaths Nothing is spoken about this and it's pathetic. Recall. Obama used what HE (not HIS GENERAL) thought to be the appropriate number of forces in Afghanistan which was far less than what military minds wanted. And the numbers are a reflection of that.

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    Yes. Obama promised to responsibly pull the troops out of Iraq and concentrate on Afghanistan, which is where the real war on terror is taking place. You obviously did not pay any attention to the election if you have to ask this.

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    Ironically yes. There's a reason the Obama campaign kept everything vague. Hope and change my friend.;_ylt=AhM_W...

    On January 23, three days after his inauguration, Obama ordered missile strikes by unmanned Predator drones on a location inside Pakistan, killing 18 people. With this initial blood on his hands, Obama proceeded apace.

    The war in Afghanistan is now definitively “Obama’s war.” Under his watch, the US has set in motion a doubling of its forces, from 32,000 to 68,000, and is presently carrying out a major operation to wipe out popular opposition in the south. At least 30 US soldiers and 25 NATO troops have died so far this month, making July the deadliest month to date for occupation forces.

    With Obama, however, the operation has become the “AfPak” war. US missile strikes within Pakistan, often killing dozens of Pakistani civilians, have become a regular occurrence. The administration has pressured Pakistan to carry out its own offensive in its northwestern territories, resulting in hundreds of thousands of refugees and massive causalities.

    The occupation of Iraq continues. The drawback of US forces from the cities does not herald an end to US military involvement in the country. Some 130,000 troops remain in what amounts to permanent military bases outside the cities, and the administration has begun the process of relabeling troops as “advisors.” In the event that the fragile political situation breaks down, the US military will intervene with full force.

    On all essentials, the Obama administration has continued the antidemocratic policies of its predecessor. It has invoked “state secrets” to block court cases challenging torture and domestic spying. The administration reversed a promise to release photos showing US torture of detainees. It has continued the military tribunals and indicated it plans to adopt a policy of indefinite detention for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

    Obama has repeatedly insisted that there will be no prosecution of any of the crimes carried out by the Bush administration. This means no one will be held accountable and that the crimes will continue.

    The outcome of the 2008 elections is an object lesson on the failure of American democracy. These elections produced an outcome that is diametrically opposed to the aspirations of the voters who cast ballots for the victor.

    It is not possible, through the existing political system, to effect a change in government policy. The basic reason is that the political institutions and parties are the unvarnished instruments of class rule. The financial elite exercises absolute control over every aspect of political life.

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    IN his mind, It amazes me that when Bush was in , all we heard about was an illegal war and to pull our troops out as they were dying . Now we have transferred our target to Afghanistan and troops are dying every day, surprisingly we hear nothing on the troops dying anymore, it has become a non event , why the disparity???

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    Yes he is it's part of cleaning up the Bush Mess fighting the War he should have Been fighting instead of searching for the Phantom WMD in Iraq

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    Yes. We should have never gone into Iraq in the first place. We should have finished up in Afganistan. That is what Obama said before he was elected and that's what he taking action on.

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    A large part of it yes, he never said he would bring them home just that he would get them out of Iraq. Just wait and watch what happens in Iraq after they are gone.

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    This makes sense to liberals;

    “ALL troops will be out of Iraq by 2010 ………….except 50,000”

    SEE it got them ALL out like he said!!!

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    It's hard to tell. Is there still a middle east war? Since he took office I haven't seen much on the news concerning any war, or anything to compete with the coverage of "Bush's War".

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