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perforated leather motorcycle jackets VS NON perforated, is there a difference in strength?

if I go down in a perforated jacket will it tear?

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  • mushki
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    1 decade ago
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    I have you have ever handled a perforated leather jacket, you can see that it will tear easier. Easy enough to matter, I doubt it but who knows. If you live in an area that gets below 50 degrees at any time that you will want to be riding in you will want a standard leather jacket. I went many years with only a standard leather jacket and wa happy then I picked up a perforated one and found out it didn't block the cool air well enough to even make me want to use it, so I sold it. I now have a textile jacket for the real hot days but mostly use just a standard leather jacket since it seems to be the way to go in most situations.

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  • 4 years ago

    Cotton & wool based fabrics are dangerous, because as you slide along they tend to catch and jerk you around. Leather and Dragin Jeans appear to be about all there is that allows you to slide safely, without great friction heat damages. Padding eases some of the impacts, armour ditto. Rayon/Nylon/Plastic melts into skin, making horrible injuries. Belstaff (waxed Cotton) is not protective enough. Black doesn't show road grime and soot as much as other colours. Leather MUST breathe, and isn't meant to be waterproof. Occasional oiling and polishing does not harm it-see Neatsfoot oil/Dubbin for leather maintenance

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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on the material. You are better off with a full vanson with vents. I live in Ma, and ride full time with my leathers. you can get some composite materials woven into the jacket.

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