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why does my ex still stand me up when he claims he 'loves' me.?

me and my ex broke up about two months ago. we have been trying to resolve the breakup and get back together for about 3 weeks now. but whenever we plan to hangout he always calls that night and cancels. once we planed he would pick me up and we would go see a play together. it started at 7 and i wanted to get there early. i had already bought his ticket and all he had to do was drive. it was 7:09 and he never showed. i called and he said oh i forgot. so i brushed it off and said okay love you. and he said i love you too. and i even asked if he wanted to hang out since we missed the play. and he said i cant i have to spend time with my dog... i don't understand why he makes excuses when he claims he ''loves" me : (

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    His heart is not in it. i dont think its anything you have done, he is just unable to relate to you at the level you deserve, you sound bright, upfront, are sensing how sloppy he is and the more assertive you get the more idiotic he gets...why he makes excuses? because he wants to make you happy but you are clearly streets ahead of him in communication skills...and need a better man!

    this does not make him feel good by the way...its a viscious circle...step out, feel the pain you are avoiding and take responsibility for finding a better match! and I have to do the same so you are not alone!

  • 1 decade ago

    That is why he is your X. Move on. He can't love you and treat you that way.

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