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Who else would like to see these guys in TNA insted of been in the bullsht WWE pg erra?

And what impact do you think these guys could do for TNA To destroy WW pg E


Chavo Guerrero

Evan Bourne

Jack Swagger

Jamie Noble

Mark Henry


Randy Orton

Ted DiBiase

The Miz

Charlie Hass

Chris Jericho

CM Punk

Dolph Ziggler



John Morrison


Matt Hardy

Tyson Kidd

David Hart Smith


Matt Striker

Ezekiel Jackson


Gregory Helms

Paul Burchill

Shelton Benjamin

I Seriously am fckd of ive been a Huge WWE Fan for years and i thought with the whole PG erra thing it wasn't going to last long seen that the WWE Should pay attention to the Fans and when the fans react badly to it its obviously i Sign for a change. But no not the WWE They will Just carry on doing the same bullsht every week i think guys like Edge,Benjamin,Jericho,Orton are fckng around with the WWE Especially guys Like Jericho and Edge. WWE have so far destroyed there characters its not Funny WWE Fans of the younger Generation are led to believe that Edge is a Piece of crap that cant win without cheating anymore and Jericho is someone who constantly looses world tittle shots and wines about it. Some first Undisputed champion he is. Looks more like someone who can Barley gain a World Championship run now days. As for Under used guys like Benjamin,Charlie Hass,Jamie Noble,Chavo Guerrero....don't get me started.

If Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were still Alive

i wouldn't mind seen them on the TNA Roster right now

even Owen Hart.

what do you guys think.

Im just sick of WW pg E's Bullsht now.

Fully support TNA

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    I Agree With You, I Mean If Anyone Saw This RAW This Week The First Segment On The Showing Involving Piven,Doc, And Miz Was Just Too PG, I Hated It I Turned Off The TV As Soon As It WAs Over, I Love TNA They Have NEW Matches Everytime I Watch It Unlike WWE I See The Same Freakin Matches Everytime Like Miz Vs Cena Or Mysterio Vs Jericho Or Legacy Vs Cena Or HHH, I Am Just So Sick Of It And I Hate Their PG ShT On The Show, TNA Is So Much More Interesting To Show They Use All Their Great Talent There And Never Let Them Down, WWE's Talent Is A Really Big Dispointment They Are Making Guys Like Chavo Job To Hornswoggle And Benjamin,Hass,Noble Are Getting Wasted There They Should Be On The TNA Roster, I've Been A Fan Of The WWF/E Since 1997 And This Is The Worst Era They Have Ever Had, And One More Thing Thier Jokes Are Seriously Not Funny, They Are LAME AS SH!T!!! *** WWE I'm Watching TNA FOR NOW ON!!!!

    I Would Like To See These Guys On TNA's Roster

    Carlito-Hasn't Been Given A Singles Title Shot Since 2007

    Chavo Guerrero-Making Him Job To Hornswoggle, I Mean Come On Hes Way Better Than THAT!! WCW Even Treated Him Better!!

    Evan Bourne-No Title Shots, No Main Event Push, Getting Nowhere

    Jack Swagger- Terrible Gimmick,No Recent Title Shots

    Jamie Noble-Rarely Gets Used, Given No Title Shots, Getting Nowhere

    Mark Henry-Would Be Perfect For TNA, Unlike His Time In WWE

    MVP-Too Good For WWE,Should Be Perfect For The X-Divison

    Randy Orton-Should Join MEM,& Should Be TNA World Champion

    Ted DiBiase-Should Have A Great Feud With MotorCity Machine Guns

    The Miz-Perfect For The X-Divison,Should Feud With Lethal Conspeces

    Charlie Hass- Should Feud With Shelton Over The X-Divison Belt

    Chris Jericho- Should Join MEM, And Be Legends Champion

    CM Punk-SHould Be The X-Divison Champion And Compete There

    Dolph Ziggler (Let's Face It Hes Getting No Where In WWE, Two Title Shots And Still Hasn't Been Getting A Push.)

    Edge- Feud With Jericho Over THe Legends Title And Join MEM

    Finlay-Join Forces With Booker And Be Tag Team Champions

    John Morrison-Given A World Title Shot And Feud With Miz

    Kane- Feud With Abyss And DR Stevie

    Matt Hardy- Should Join The X-Divison And Feud With LAX

    Tyson Kidd-Should Team Up With DHS Against Beer Money

    David Hart Smith- Teams Up WIth TK Against Beer Money

    Christian The Next TNA World Heavyweight Champion

    Matt Striker-Commerate There And Wrestle More

    Ezekiel Jackson- Feud With Lethal Consequences

    Goldust- Feud With The World Elite,And Joins Mick Foley

    Gregory Helms- An X-Divison Title Shot, Compete In Steel Cages

    Paul Burchill-/should Join World Elite,& Later The Priate Gimmick

    Shelton Benjamin-Competing In The X-Divison

    I Hate WWE's Bullsht PG It Makes Me Sick, 10000000% Support TNA

    TNA!!! TNA!!! TNA!!! TNA!!! TNA!!!! TNA!!!! TNA!!!! TNA!!!! TNA!!! TNA!!!!

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    There's no doubt that the WWE has had it's ups and downs this year. WrestleMania 27 was disappointing, Money in the Bank was phenomenal, after Triple H returned and stole Punk's storyline and killed his momentum it started to suck again, but it has picked up a little more seeing as TLC was a great PPV. But TNA or "impact wrestling" (which has no impact) has been terrible all year round. It's only high point was Destination X, which was actually a great PPV even though the Styles/Daniels match was lackluster than previous matches they've had with each other. The only other time I cared about what TNA was doing was when Bobby Roode was to face Angle at Bound for Glory, which was to be Roode's shining moment, but we all know how that turned out when earlier on the day of the event, Hogan changed the outcome of the match to f*ck with Roode. At least WWE is still worth watching. TNA is unbearable. BQ: 1. Beth Phoenix 2. Natalya 3. Layla 4. AJ 5. Eve Torres

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    I agree with you 100%. I am so sick and tired of being let down be the WWE time after time. I have just completely stopped watching any WWE show now. I only watch TNA.

    Did you see TNA's 200th episode? How good was it! Two heavyweights like Samoa joe and Hernandez jumping about the ring like they were cruiserweights. All the matches were great! the Knockouts tag team match, the tables match for the IWGP tag team titles and the main event, Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash vs Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley for the TNA world and TNA legends. It's just too good! You would never see anything like it on WWE now a days.

    I think

    Shelton Benjamin


    Matt Hardy

    Jack Swagger

    Those superstars would probably be the best on impact! I would say Evan Bourne but he has already been on TNA.

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    I wouldn't mind having Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Randy Orton, Kane and some of the Divas go to TNA.

    I don't really want the rest. I'd like to see TNA take R-Truth back.

    Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne would be great for the X-Division. Kane would be good for having a rivalry with Abyss.

    TNA is better than WWE. WWE survives because they have loyal fans like I am. Right now WWE has only a few active true main eventer and all of them are on Raw of Orton, Triple H and Cena. Smackdown only has Chris Jericho. Right now we get to see the career resurrections of Sting and Mick Foley.

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    If TNA had Randy Orton, Edge, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho to join the Main Event Mafia then the WWE would have to construct a power stable like MEM.

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    If all those superstars went to TNA there will no longer be WWE, If Eddie guerrero went to TNA he wouldt be inducted intto the WWE hall of fame

  • URKO
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    Yeah if all of them went to tna wwe would fall right trough there *** TNA rules and will totally destroy wwe in a while.Also everyone who loves wwe i also do but tna will eventually surpass them tna is very good but right now wwe is the king.

  • Anonymous
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    hey ya wwe hater listen i hardly ever like tna but the only one who should goes would be

    jamie noble

    ted jr.

    the miz

    charlie haas and cm punk

    doulp ziggler


    tyson kidd and david hart smith

    and of course mike jackso cuz they all suck

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    Agree with most of them. TNA is way better these days.

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    let edge and randy orton go and join the main event mafia and the rest stay except kane who will join abyss and be a stable called fire before pain

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