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Top 40 players in the NRL forum?

Critique my list of the top 40 players in the NRL

Who did I leave out?

How would you change the order?

Its based on form over the whole year as well as reputation and ability.

1. Thurstan

2. Gidley

3. Slater

4. Soward

5. Hayne

6. Inglis

7. Smith

8. Creagh

9. Price

10. B. Stewart

11. Farah

12. Asotasi

13. Lockyer

14. Gallen

15. Prince

16. Hodges

17. Jennings

18. Campese

19. Hunt

20. Watmough

21. Civoniceva

22. Ennis

23. G. Stewart

24. O'Donnell

25. L. Lewis

26. M. Bowen

27. C. Wing

28. Kimmorley

29. Marshall

30. Poore

31. J. Morris

32. B. Morris

33. Orford

34. Thaiday

35. Barrett

36. Boyd

37. Pearce

38. Tate

39. Mullen

40. Wallace


Forgot about Cronk, he probably should have been the 4th highest halfback.

Probably could have Watmough higher as well though Creagh has been the standout backrower this year in NRL and origin.

Ill stand by the omission of Tongue, HIndmarsh and Johnson, great defenders but they aren't as damaging in attack as those I've mentioned, not to mention Learoyd Lahrs, Housten and a bunch of others.

The rest of my shortlist was:

Sutton, Minichiello, Laffranchi, Kite, Bailey, Hindmarsh, Lyon, Tuiaki, D. Williams, Crocker, Waterhouse, Patten, Housten, Jones, Tongue, Cronk, Mannering, Vatuvei, Learoyd Lahrs, Weyman

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    1. Thurston

    2. Soward

    3. Slater

    4. Boyd

    5. Hindmarsh

    6. Inglis

    7. Smith

    8. Creagh

    9. Price

    10. B. Stewart

    11. Civoniceva

    12. Hayne

    13. Lockyer

    14. Moi Moi

    15. Prince

    16. Tuiaki

    17. Orford

    18. Sailor

    19. Hunt

    20. Watmough

    21. Jennings

    22. Locke

    23. Kimmorley

    24. O'Donnell

    25. L. Lewis

    26. M. Bowen

    27. C. Wing

    28. Vatuvei

    29. Hohaia

    30. Poore

    31. J. Morris

    32. B. Morris


    34. Thaiday

    35. Costigan

    36. M. Rogers

    37. Marshall

    38. Stacey Jones

    39. Gidley

    40. D.Williams

    I think I'm happy with my list now

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    1. Johnathan Thurston

    2. Brett Stewart

    3. Jarryd Hayne

    4. Greg Inglis

    5. Jamie Soward

    6. Billy Slater

    7. Steve Price

    8. Cameron Smith

    9. Kurt Gidley

    10. Darren Lockyer

    11. Robbie Farah

    12. Matthew Bowen

    13. Scott Prince

    14. Anthony Watmough

    15. Brett Kimmorley

    16. Petero Civinoceva

    17. Michael Jennings

    18. Karmichael Hunt

    19. Paul Gallen

    20. Justin Hodges

    21. Brett Morris

    22. Ben Creagh

    23. Ben Hannant

    24. Craig Wing

    25. Luke O'Donnell

    26. Nathan Hindmarsh

    27. Roy Asotasi

    28. Darius Boyd

    29. Luke Douglas

    30. Luke Lewis

    31. Ben Hornby

    32. Josh Morris

    33. Tom Learoyd Lahrs

    34. Sam Thaiday

    35. Willie Tonga (but has ability to be up around number 10)

    36. Sam Perrett

    37. Jarrod Mullen

    38. Luke Stuart

    39. Shane Tronc

    40. Michael Weyman

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    No particular order

    1. Jarryd Hayne (number 1... the best)

    Kurt Gidley

    Nathan Hindmarsh

    Brett Morris

    Josh Morris

    Jamie Soward

    Luke Lewis

    Michael Jennings

    Greg Inglis

    Israel Folau

    Alan Tongue

    Jarrod Mullun

    Billy Slater

    Brett Stewart

    Glen Stewart

    Anthony Watmough

    Feleti Mateo

    John Sutton

    Daniel Mortimer.... exciting young player... destined to go to the doggies :(

    Johnathon Thurston

    Scott Prince

    Matt Bowen

    Robbie Farah

    Michael Ennis

    David Williams

    Craig Wing

    Ben Creagh

    Justin Poore

    Michael Weyman

    Ben Hornby

    Joel Reddy

    Justin Hodges

    I know ive missed heaps...

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    You have most of teh right players, just in the wrong order. Hodges way higher, Hindmarsh way higher, Asotasi a little lower (has had a crap season), Weyman higher, putt FuiFui in there (at least in short list, Inglis in top 5, rest of top 5 is good, Put Slater around 20 (another good player who has had a lousy season), Stewart lower (just for the fact he has hardly played, Lockyer a little lower then Jennings, But besides that you chose a pretty well thought out top 20.

    Source(s): Me
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  • Mitch
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    I would have Hindmarsh or Dallas Johnson over Thaiday

    Hornby over Wallace

    Cooper Cronk over Pearce or Marshall

    Sutton over Tate

    Other then that the list is pretty good. I would have some changes in the order but generally not bad.

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    Well based on form Brett Stewart hasn't played much so he shouldn't be up there, Barrett is so bad, Hindmarsh should probably be in front of Thaiday, I know Gidley should not be 2nd.

    My top 10:











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    Not to bad, obviously this is opinion based so i'm not saying your wrong but I would have Watmough, Hodges much higher. In fact Watmough would be around 5th for mine. Gidley, Hunt, Lewis, Bowen are too high. Tate shouldn't be there. Tuiaki and Monaghan would be on my list.

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    It's not to bad, no Tongue or Hindmarsh they should both be in there, same as Dallas Johnson he needs to be in there

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    just with a quick glance, i would put the morris brothers higher, soward number 1, lewis and bowen should be lower, mullen higher, wallace out, tate out, big red in maybe? he has been injured, but when he wasnt he played good, lawrence in, tuiaki in, boyd higher

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