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angel of marye's heights ?

how could one man risk so much for an enemy ? and has history truly been kind to the true purpose of the civil war ?

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    Sgt Richard Kirkland was known as the angel of Marye's Heights actually the battle of Fredericksburg. He was evidently a compassionate man and cared a great deal for humanity. When he went out in the battlefield with water he did not care if they were friend or foe. If you read his story you will remember at dawn he was spotted by the Yankees and nearly fired upon till an officer said ( don't kill that man he istoo brave to dye.

    You will find the same kind of actions in all the wars where someone risk his life to save many of his comrades and even the enemy. Each war has it's heroes and Sgt Kirkland was one for the civil war. This is what makes Americas fighting men so good, they place themselves in harms way to save others. This is called COURAGE

    The history of the war has not been fairly published. States rights, illegal tariff and succession were the reason for the war. Many want you to believe otherwise but if you read the book ( The Real Cause of the War by Dr R.L.Dabney ) it will shed some light on the truth.History is usually written by the winners and they are not going to admit any self cause if it can be helped.

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