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In your opinion, the most overrated fast food restaurant in Malaysia ?

The price too high for the lousy food

Not as good as people say


There are many fast food restaurant out there instead McD and KFC

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    I would have to say Carl's Jr... they were here before in Malaysia as i used to go to the Bird's Park's outlet, those were the times where price is not an issue (as they were pretty much the same with their rivals) plus honestly the burgers were somehow more yummy than now..

    Recently, i went to their outlet in OU and i was really surprised at how much they cost now, and it doesn't taste as good as before either, therefore Carl's Jr is definitely overrated in my opinion...

  • ViRg()
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    1 decade ago

    First thing that comes to mind is McD's & KFC - they're basically a staple like for ages now.

    I think for the most part, A&W, Pizza Hut, Burger King's quality of food have dropped somewhat=P

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    McD and KFC are competitors. Both fast food restaurants are promoting toys for childrens to increase their sales outlets nation wide.

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    I would say McDonald. Their burgers aren't that tasty, some road side burger stalls even make better burgers than McDonald. Their fried chicken is also rather bland. However McDonald's desserts are quite good.

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    I think those little plastic toys that KFC tries to sell to our young children are way overrated.

    "Spend at least RM49.99 on any chicken product and you get to buy one of these cheap worthless plastic action figures/toy cars/containers/salt & pepper shakers etc. for only RM9.99!! Hurry, grab yours while they are still in stock!!"

    .... puhleeeaazze...

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    Carl's Jr Burger but its good :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    KFC has over take MC donald lol

  • VN-Cop
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    1 decade ago

    ALL fast food is over-rated...

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    pizzahut and mcd for sure.

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    i love burger king

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