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I living in Brazil, and I likes so much your products.

I am interesting in your products.

Could you sell for me? Do you have Paypal? I think that is possible use EMS postal service to send to me in Brazil.

Thank愀 for all





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    Please visit our homepage and find the products you like, and let me know your height and weight (your measurement), and I will make confirmation for your purchase after advising your best fit size. I will inform you the amount of money you should pay by email. After the money has been remitted to the appointed account, I will send the products to you according to the receiver and address you provided. Wish you have a happy shopping.


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    Dear Alexandre:

    Please surf the pages of the products and decide which items you like. Then give me the imformation of your height and weight(three-sizes). You may sure to buy them in the right size I advice you. I'll tell you how much you should pay me in E-Mail. After all, I'll mail the products to the address and the receiver you assigned when you transfer the money to the account I told you.

    Wish you have a nice buying experience.


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    Asks you to glance over the commodity which the commodity homepage and seeks oneself likes. And please tell me you the height and the body weight (measurements) provides the suggestion suitable measurement after me to determine again purchases. I can use the amount which E-mail informs you to have to pay. After you remit money the account which I assign. I can mail the commodity you to assign to receive an address and the addressee. Wishes buys not happy ~~


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