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On "the n's" Degrassi, Do you think Claire should pick K.C or Connor?

Hey I love the show Degrassi, and I think Claire is someone I look up to. She is pretty, (under the school girl clothes and the "i am only here for school and learning, not socializing" attitude), smart, and has 2 guys pulling for her. I think K.C is the one she should pick, just because he seems more mature, and is like a hopeless romantic. ( I am a hopeless romantic too he he) I also think K.C has some mysterious quality that hasn't been revealed. (besides the fact he has gone to juvie...) Connor just seems too immature to be with someone so mature beyond her years, even though Connor is very smart. He just doesn't seem to fit with Claire...But that girl from tech class who he danced with at the black and white dance sure seemed interested in him ;) any who, I would like your opinion, Connor or K.C?


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    KC definitely.

    KC seems so nice and right for Claire.

    Connor just seems really young and immature. The tech girl can have him=)

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