Is it possible for me to have a vaginal birth after 2 c-sections?

I went into labor with my 1st baby and pushed before his heart rate fell. My second son had a hard time tolerating labor also. I really want to have a vaginal birth, as this may be my last pregnancy. Can anyone suggest a good dr also. I live in west Los Angeles!

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    Yes, you can, but it will be hard to find a doctor, or more likely, a hospital that will "allow" it. Hospitals are big corporations that make money and they make nearly 4 times more for a c-section than a vaginal delivery.

    Someone is going to post about uterine rupture on here and after 12 years in a very busy OB unit, I've only encountered one and she was being induced with a very high amount of pitocin. So high in fact, the nurse taking care of her refused to increase the dose and the doctor had to come over and do it. She ended up with a 3 cm tear on her uterine incision and she and the baby went home 3 days after the c-section. Uterine rupture is very rare, even after 2 previous c-sections. The documented cases where it has occured have involved the use of cytotec or a "Rambo-pit" usage of pitocin.

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    It depends on the length of time between your children. Less than one year between birth and conception eliminates you as a candidate for VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). The only issues I see is that you not tolerating labor could be a recurring issue that could just as well happen with this baby. I had a c section with my first child and plan to do VBAC but I had to have an Emergency C section with my son because he was not engaging because he was so large and that is likely to recur also. Best bet discuss this with your OBGYN and Good Luck!


    I am having my baby in Jackson TN and both hospitals do VBAC and all the doctors that deliver at one of them does VBAC it isn't as uncommon as one might expect.

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    My mom had three c-sections and with her last baby she had a vaginal birth. It is possible to have a vaginal birth. It's dangerous to have many c-sections because of the tissue that is wore down. Good luck. [:

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    I heard that it rely on the way you have been "decrease". If the c-section cuts have been alongside the bikini line, there's a solid threat of giving delivery "clearly". If the cuts have been up and down, there's a intense threat of re-tearing the incision, and bleeding (in all probability to dying). only remember, having the ability to conceive and supply delivery in any way is a great element... the end result's the same, a healthful toddler on your hands on the tip of the day :o)

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    If you wanted to try I would suggest a nurse midwife. They are much more likely to give you a chance over an OBGYN. I do not know however if even they would be willing to try after 2. But they would be your best bet.

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    With one cesarean, it is very possible to have a vaginal birth. However, after two cesareans, it is a lot less likely. Not impossible, just highly unlikely.

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    NO doctors will do a V-BAC after 2 c-setions. It's dangerous for both you and your baby. It's hard to find a doctor who will do a vaginal delivery even after one c-section. Good luck with your upcoming arrival!

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