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Why can't other nations have nuclear weapon?

Why can't other nations have nuclear weapon? and who determine who can and can't have ones?

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    Currently the Nations who are attempting to develop Nuclear weapons are Iran and North Korea.

    Iran and North Korea should be prevented from developing or posessing Nuclear weapons, because they are reckless and irresponsible.

    If those nations have nuclear weapons it is inevitable that some of those Nuclear weapons will be transferred to Muslim Terrorists who will then smuggle those Nuclear weapons into various target countries and detoante those Nuclear weapons, killing millions of people in the process.

    Also Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and Morth Korea will start Nuclear Arms races in The Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    IN the Middle East, if Iran gets Nuclear weapons, then Saudi Arabia, Egypt and The United Arab Emirates, and possibly Bahrain and Kuwait will also develop or purchase Nuclear Weapons or purchase Weapons Grade MAterial on the Black Market.

    The more Nations with Nuclear weapons there are translates in more chances that one or more of those Nations will start a Nuclear war or that one of those Nations will transfer Nuclear Weapons or Weapons grade Nuclear materials to Muslim Terrorists such as Al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad.

    Once Muslim Terrorists get their hands on Nuclear Weapons they will smuggle those Nuclear Weapons into Civilized Nations and detonate those Nuclear Weapons.

    With respect to North Korea, the posession of Nuclear Weapons by North Korea has already spurred other nations in the region to develop their own Nuclear Weapons.

    Those Nations in the region that are now in the process of Developing their own Nuclear Weapons include Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and possibly Thailand.

    The posession of Nuclear Weapons by North Korea is very destabilizing to the region.

    The Civilized Nations that currently posess Nuclear weapons such as The United States of America, China, Russia, The United Kingdom, France , India, and even the current Government of Pakistan are very responsible Nations and are highly unlikely to ever use those Nuclear Weapons or transfer them to Muslim Terrorists.

    The same cannot be said for Iran or North Korea.

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    Because more proliferation makes for more complicated, more confusing foreign relations than this world can take anymore. The nations that have (declared) nuclear weapons have banded together against proliferation and first strikes. When rogue nations that change political systems like we change our Presidents get their hands on nukes, we have no reason to believe from their previous actions and relationships around the world that they can be trusted to not simply strike a country they have deep hatred for - without caring at all about the fallout, literally or figuratively. And in turn we cannot then expect other nuclear armed nations not to respond in kind out of pure defense for what may come next. WWIII.

    I'll leave the treaties to someone else. Just thinking out loud tonight.

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    Keeping North Korea and Iran from obtaining Nuclear weapons is for the same reason we don't allow mental patients to have handguns.

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    Other nations do have nuclear weapons, it's just certain ones with certain insane leaders that we don't want having them because they don't have the restraint or intelligence to not use them on someone simply because they don't like them. That's about as simple as I can explain it.

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    other nations DO have nuclear armament

    ever heard of France, China, Russia, England, Israel, India; Pakistan, North Korea?

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    Other nations do have nuclear weapons....

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    We need to Abolish Nuclear weapons altogether and the United States needs to set example by getting rid of ours first

    God Bless Obama

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    Remember the cold war?

    we don't want to end up spending a bunch of money pointing a bunc of missiles at a bunch of other countries if we can avoid it.

    and the people who already have the nukes get to decide who is allowed to get nukes (of course unless you are willing to strike, you cant really stop someone from figuring out how to build them on their own)

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    I think the opposite question should be asked. Why can't all nations not have nuclear weapons. The only thing they are designed to do is to destroy humanity.

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    Great Britain

    Israel (most likely)

    North Korea (possibly)

    Iran (next week)

    other countries have nukes.....and I personally feel that a good rule of thumb is...

    if the leadership is comprised of whackjobs.....nukes = bad

    got it genious?

    bad people w/ nukes = bad

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