How do you become a designer ?

can some ppl list some colleges that offer you to become a fasion designer or shoe designer. (NO ONLINE COLLEGES)!!! pce.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you go to school and take courses in it, you generally wind up working for someone else. There is a very small chance you might get to design some pieces for the company you're working for, but the chances of you being able to strike out on your own with just a degree in fashion design are immeasurably slim. A better idea would be to find a financial backer (ie, a rich person who will allow you to use their money in the hopes they will make a sizable return if your stuff sells), take out a loan, or try for a grant and then make your clothing/shoes/whatever and sell them either through your own store or by renting a space in someone else's store. If your line takes off, places like Macy's and such will actually make offers to sell it in their stores.

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