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Entomology- zoology?

I am interested in getting my degree in Zoology and then furthering that degree into Entomology. I am interested mainly in the systematic's of biology related to insects. Can anyone give me information on this career or what career opportunities there are in entomology. How successful is this career? I want to get my bachelors or more in this field. Is this a field that it is easier or harder to find a job in? Basically i don't want to put all my money into college to obtain a degree in something i will never find work in. Also I live in Pennsylvania and i have read that PA is one of the 4 top states in the US for careers in entomology. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    A number of universities offer degrees (undergraduate and graduate) in entomology and zoology. If you want to have some undergraduate experience in both of these fields, I would recommend getting a major in one and a minor in the other. Schools that offer entomology are typically larger universities (lots of students and big sports programs). In your state, Penn State University is a great school for biology and has majors in these two fields.

    Entomology is a relatively unpopular field compared to zoology or other biological fields. It is not very competitive for students looking to get funding or for professionals. There are numerous opportunities to continue your education after graduation, assuming you have descent grades, and to find jobs in this field.

    You can find jobs working for a university, where you will probably need a PhD. There are lots of government jobs out there, including the Department of Ag., the Forest Service, the federal quarantine, and others. Companies that hire entomologists are numerous and diverse, but for systematics, you can find jobs at museums, conservation agencies, independent labs, etc.

    If you don't find a job in entomology, you could always use your degree in a related field in biology.

    Source(s): Personal experience; I have a degree in entomology and have looked into educational and career opportunities.
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    I don't actually know, but I would think it's a pretty easy field to get into because most people hate bugs. You could probably get hired at a butterfly pavilion or something like that fairly easily.

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    You won't starve in PA as ann entomologist, although your chances are lessened if you want to specialize in systematics.

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