Archos 5 or Ipod Touch?

Which one should I get? Both are touch screen are both have pretty much the same features. Archos has a slightly bigger screen and way more storage, but ipod is easier and more elegant to control.

Help me out.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The amount of spam you're gonna get from people screaming "ipod touch" is going to be amazing.

    Anyways -

    Archos is much more of a solid PVP/MID - in other words - Portable VIDEO Player and Internet. This means that you don't get all the apps that come with an iPod Touch, but for everything else it's good. HOWEVER, and I put it in caps because it is essential to buying an Archos device. The device may be initially cheap, however, to unlock the other codecs (i.e. play 720p files or H.264 files), or games, or whatever - costs money. Upfront is cheap but over the long run you may have spent more than you thought for the additional features and/or accessories.

    Apple is much more of a MID/gaming device. It's great with all the apps and internet features but for PVP use, it's not as great. For one, all videos have to be mp4 or mov (the latter of which is rarely used except for promo trailers and such). If it isn't, iTunes is gonna have you convert. Depending on your comp. this might take hours. And it also doesn't play 720p files, not to mention that the screen is 3:2. It's widescreen - yes - but closer to a 4:3 aspect ratio than a widescreen 16:9. So it's either gonna crop or stretch or nothing else. Secondly, music only covers whatever their website spec says (no FLAC, no WAV, no OGG, no irregular music formats).

    In other words, they're both almost completely different devices. For everything else I point you towards Google and the reviews in the world wide web.

    And another manufacturer to check out - Cowon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you'll be forced (how unfair!) to use iTunes which is a horrible program and iPods make it harder to share your music.

    Besides that, if you want to go with Apple get the new iPod Touch coming out as rumored in September. Friggen awesome thing, and you gotta love those apps!

    As far as Archos 5 goes, it looks better for delivering video/music and has a more sleek design (virtually no lag!) Downsides is low batteries (which my friend always complains about with his iPhone, but the next iTouch MIGHT change that) and leaves fingerprints like most other touch screen devices. I don't know whether they offer apps or not but it can handle a lot of stuff!

    Source(s): Friends, we're all geeks.
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  • Erika
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    properly, you would be compelled (how unfair!) to be conscious iTunes it relatively is a unfavorable utility and iPods make it greater stable to share your music. besides that, in case you prefer to go with Apple get the contemporary iPod touch popping out as rumored in September. Friggen suggestions-blowing ingredient, and you gotta love those apps! so some distance as Archos 5 is going, interestingly greater constructive for handing over video/music and has a greater tender format (in basic terms approximately no lag!) Downsides is low batteries (which my chum continuously complains approximately which comprise his iPhone, in spite of the fact that the subsequent iTouch could exchange that) and leaves fingerprints like maximum distinctive touch demonstrate contraptions. i don't know no count variety if or no longer they provide apps or no longer in spite of the fact that it may take care of a lot of stuff!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are very different types of players. Ipod touch is for games, mostly. Archos 5 is a mini-TV.

    Other alternatives:;_ylt=Ar4Ea...

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  • 1 decade ago

    iPod Touch. It's so much better.

    The third generation will be out soon, with increased storage

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  • Albex
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    the next generation iPod touch this September

    the largest model will feature 64GB

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