Get rid of Roaches without Toxic Chemicals or Exterminators?

We moved into an apartment complex with 4 apartments in it. We live in one of the upstairs apartments. I noticed Roaches about a month after we moved in. I clean the apartment Twice a day,Take out the Trash regularly,Make sure no water is left in the sink and other places. I disinfect the counters with Clorox Wipes and all the other Surfaces in the house as well. Recently the Health inspector was called and Our Apartment passed 100%. The only carpet is in the Bedroom and Bathroom. We cant pull it up because we rent! I have a HAMSTER so Boric Acid is Toxic and CANT Be used.


How do I get Rid of Roaches (German) with out Chemicals (toxic) or an Exterminator?

Also: The landlord had an exterminator bait and leave glue traps. That worked well. But we are out of traps and I've been unemployed so I have no money to by more. :( Please help!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I read this works.

    Coke cola in lids. If you could put this where the hamster can not get it. The roaches can not burp.

    If your hamster does not get under the sinks, that is a good place to put it.

    German roaches like to get in the electrical things. That is where you could put the powder, under them.

  • 4 years ago

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