I get a sinus infection and bronchitis about every six months. What can I do to stop this cycle, as in preven?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Astragalus is probably a good herb for you to take as a tonic to build up immunity.

    Also, if you have seasonal allergies, don't just ignore them. Take quercetin with bromelain as a preventative. You may not even have to take it year round, but just as allergies flair up. Quercetin is a bioflavinoid that occurs naturally in citrus and most foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme (from pineapple) that, taken on an empty stomach, helps with inflammation, as in swollen sinuses.

    Gingko is an excellent bronchiodilator that may help allay bronchitis if you catch it early. It is the #1 prescription in Europe for asthma.

    Also stay away from known allergens, like pet dander, mold and excessive dust. Second hand smoke can make allergies worse. A diet high in vitamins A, C & E is helpful to boost and maintain immunity.

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    Take at least 1000 units of vitamin D a day, especially over the winter cold and flu season.( Regular sunlight on your skin is the best source but not always possible.) Boosting vitamin D levels is proven to boost your immune system to prevent and fight off colds etc, which trigger the brochitis and sinus infection.(in theory you should get your Vitamin D levels tested to see if you are deficient which most people are) My wife and I both noticed a definite

    improvement from this. Another good preventive immune booster

    is Astralagus herb.

    Hope this helps.

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