Not going to see my boyfriend for 10 months? How do I deal with it?

what do you do when your not going to see your boyfriend (soon to be fiancee) for 10 months? I went to my home country from June till 1 week ago ago. Now I'm back in Canada and he's like 8000 miles away. We're going to communicate only through the phone and internet until next june! I'm gonna die. We've talked everyday and "i miss you" is like our # 1 saying.

Anyone who went through something like this.. please help me!

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    Long distant relationships are the hardest. people say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say whats 10 months if its meant to be it will work. A partner is an addition to your life so continue to live it, enjoy it and time will fly by. I promise.

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    OMG! I tottaly know where your coming from. He wasn't my "fiance" just boyfriend, but it works all the same.He was away for 6 months. We had a live webchat date once a week. I sent him funny pics and told him funny stories. Don't just go through the motions like you think your "supposed to". Everyone would say, I miss you, wish you were here, ect. but be fun about it. Talk to him about things that are like on a need to know basis. Create some inside jokes. But most of all, don't be totaly attached to him. Remember,he can't obsorb all your time. Long distance relationships are hard and you have to be strong.

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    Hey that's ok. I went to Iraq and didn't see my fiance for 15 months and we made it!

    Here's my advice...Just set up a time when you two will get to talk every night and maybe do some devotionals/daily bread and you'll have a purpose and something to look forward to each night.

    If you do this, you'll have more in common + keep it interesting while you learn more about the other person and better yourself!

  • bibi(:
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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like what i'm about to go through :(

    im also in desperate need of helps.

    I'm leaving to Puerto Rico in November and not seeing my current boyfriend of two years for one year and 6 months!

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    dont text/ call toooo much cuz you'll get sick of it.

    just relax and breathe. i know what your going through, my bf just left for 5 months and hes not gunna have a cell or computer. we will miss our boys but we just have to find some good distractions like work, school, and other hobbies.

    good luck!

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    Well I know that's really tough. But if you miss him that much you can go back. But maybe once a month you can go see him, so you don't feel as bad. Keep Calling him and keep saying I love you because he needs to know that.

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    I went through it only 2 months

    but it was my BEST summer ever

    cuz we talked everyday

    every hour actually

    i love you

    was like always said

    i felt so loved

    and never felt so close to him.

    Good luck(:

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    hey,dont worry i had to do the same thing once too and its not too bad as long as you talk to him frequently and try not to worry to much,try to stay close maby video chat or something like that.

    btw watch out since your goinna be gone he might get horney and hook up with another girl for the sex? you never know it all depends on the guy your dating.well i say good luck and hope all goes well for you!

    please help me now i need some answers!;_ylt=As...

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    You will not die. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Keep in touch.

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    You should find a project or a job to do to take your mind of things. If you are busy working you won't have as much time to think about him.

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