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Who else likes Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight?

Don't get me wrong, I think The Dark Knight is a great movie. It's just that in my opinion, Batman Begins had a cooler atmosphere and seemed more like a Batman movie. Gotham City in BB was more dark and creepier, it felt like how you would imagine Gotham City to be. TDK's Gotham City wasn't like that, it was just plain and ordinary. Another thing that sort of bothered me, was that TDK wasn't Batman's movie. It was more centered on the villains( The Joker and Harvey Dent/Two-Face) than the protagonist which was a problem with the Batman movies from the 80s/90s. Whenever Batman showed up on screen he wasn't as intimidating as he was in BB. That's the end of my rant. Opinions, please?

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    Batman begins had Liam Neeson in it.

    Enough said.

    Oh and Cillian Murphy had more of a part in Batman Begins. What was up with his part in Dark Knight?


    When Rachel died, they didn't even have a funeral or anything. It's a batman movie. And batman is human... how could of he hid is anger? Gotham city in TDK looked like... New York. And that isn't a good thing. The cinematography was better in batman begins. And, I hate to say this as I am a heath ledger fan, the acting was better AS A WHOLE

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    Batman Begins was a little more interesting because it explained the birth of Batman and how he came to be who he was. Plus, thr story didn't really go out of place and everything seemed to fit in. In the Dark Knight, Batman's story has pretty much been told, it just shows that he encounters a larger threat than he's ever dealt with before that caused chaos throughout Gotham worse than ever. If it wasn't for the Joker's amazing performance in the movie, i think the Dark Knight wouldnt have gotten great reviews. Heath Ledger pretty much saved that film.....

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  • 4 years ago

    I agree in some aspects that Batman Begins was the better movie. What The Dark Knight lacked was pacing, it was one big action scene to another, I remember hearing someone said that the whole movie was like a climax, which isn't exactly a good thing. Batman Begins, however, had perfect pacing, psychology and depth. But overall, I still believe that the Dark Knight was the superior movie. The Dark Knight still focuses on Batman and his dilemmas (mob bosses, The Joker, the public thinking that he is a outlaw vigilante, and the question if he still wants to be Batman). Also, a movie is only as good as the villain portrayed in the film and The Joker is the greatest villain ever.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the only thing i liked better about The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger playing the joker. I dont think I have ever seen someone own a roll like that. He was amazing...it's just too bad he died he would have killed in a sequel

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  • I know right! Hopefully they are making a second dark night to fill it in more.

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