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Whats The Difference Between Xbox 360 Arcade And Xbox 360 Pro?

i just brought an xbox 360 pro with 60gb but i found out that arcade is cheaper.My friends say you get the red ring of death with the arcade. I just want to know for sure please tell me what are the differences!!

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    The Xbox Arcade does not comes with any hard drive but has a 256 MB of storage capacity. You have to purchase memory cards in order to save your games.

    The Xbox Professional has a built in hard drive of 60GB which is plenty enough for downloads, save games, and downloadable movies for your console.

    Sooner or later you would have to pucharse a hard drive and so I recommend either getting the Xbox Professional or Elite. The Xbox Elite comes with a built it 120GB hard drive.

    The Ring of Death can happen to any Xbox console. However the Xbox consoles that came out after Nov. 2008 should have the Jasper chip inside the units and this should improve the console and not have any more Ring of Death.

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    You get the red ring of death with both systems, so don't worry about that. But the main difference, is memory. With the arcade you get:

    512mb of Memory.

    With the Pro version you get:


    With an arcade version you can save about 3-4 games max, because there's like no space for memory unless you want to buy memory cards worth almost the same price as a hard drive. Also, the arcade version can be slower at times. So basically, you made the right choice buying a Pro with 60GB. Worth the money for sure. By the way, the only way you get the ring of death is if you overheat your Xbox meaning, playing it for to long, or leaving it on, or turning it on and off constantly. You also recieve a headset and proper cords with a Pro. Glad I could help! Happy Xbox'ing!

    Source(s): Owning an Xbox for a few years and reading articles.
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    A Arcade is a downgraded version of the XBOX 360 Pro

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    The pro literally has 120 times the built in memory of the arcade. Also it comes with a head-set that helps with xbox live play. Finally the Arcade can't play any original xbox games while the pro can play about 300 of them.

    I'm saving for an elite though because it has twice the memory of the pro and comes with Fable 2 and Halo 3 both of which are games that I would immediately buy and since the games and memory total come to over $180.00 and their is only a $100.00 price difference between the consoles it really makes more sense.

    Check my link because it should completely answer your question.

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    The xbox arcade comes with no harddrive while the pro comes with a 60 gb and the arcade does not come with the hd cables or the headset

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    the arcade version is 180 i think and only has 256 mb of memory. the pro has either 20 gb or 60 gb and costs 300. its a much better investment to get the pro.

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    one sucks,the other one sucks really bad!

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