How to cool an extremely hot pan?

Scatterbrain that I am, I turned an element on my range full blast to boil water, and wandered off.

At least an hour later (I know, I know) I return, alarmed, to find the water has boiled off. I turn off the heat and put the pot on another element, but now it's making cracking sounds (the pot). :(

Is it beyond repair? It's stainless steel, but the bottom is a bit blackened and the inside looks stained.

If not, how can I dispose of it safely? I'm nervous about touching it as it is still making popping sounds. :S

Thanks for your help everyone!


Thanks everyone for your quick responses.

I'll let it cool for quite a while on it's own first (those popping sounds are terrifying!).

And then I'll try some suggestions for cleaning.

Thanks again! :)

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    My first thought is to simply leave it to cool on its own. The popping sounds you are hearing may be related to the contraction of the metal as it cools. Although stainless steel is tempered as it is created by heating and cooling, if you put it in cool water, you might actually cause the metal to crack or break. When the pan is cool, you can probably clean it with a mixture of vinegar and water.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I nearly burned our apartment down leaving an All-Clad on the stove.

    It turned black inside and out, but I was able to revive it. It took nearly a month!

    If it is still hot- put on your kitchen fan and if you have a small fan, place it in front of the pot to help cool it down completely. Do not put water on it until it is cool- this will bow the metal.

    If you don't have it, get some Barkeeper's Friend. I know you can get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and online. It is a gentle powder cleaner that can help get that black stuff off.

    Dampen the blackened parts, sprinkle on some Barkeeper's Friend, and gently circle the affected spot with a rag. You may need to repeat this process many times.

    If this does not work after several attempts, try some oven cleaner. All-Clad expressly forbids this practice and it will void any warranty, but it worked for restoring my $200 pot! I sprayed on the oven cleaner, let it sit outside (The fumes are horrible!), then scrubbed with the Barkeeper's Friend again.

    Just keep at it, and maybe wash with Dawn every few times. Once it is completely clean, polish it with a soft towel. Barkeeper's Friend always makes my stainless steel pots look brand new.

    Source(s): Proud All-Clad Owner
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  • 1 decade ago

    well first you have to make sure there is no plastic in the sink or the hot pan will bun it.make sure there is nothing in the sink.take a oven glove and grab the handle of the pan. put it in the sink and when it starts to make that poping sound right away turn on the water and if there is still a poping sound then turn the water on again and wait 5-7 seconds and then it will stop but when you are putting the pan in the sink be careful because if there oil in the pan the oil will pop on you are so wear a glove to cover your arm.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let it cool on it's own. Do not put in water while hot it will warp. several restaurant grade stainless steel cleaners out will help revive the finish

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    put it in water!

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