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is spybot search and destroy reliable?

i have recently downloaded spybot- search and destroy, and i am wondering, is it reliable? i used it's search and destroy, and it removed many viruses and trojans, even cookies. i also used the "immunize" tool, which immunized many of the things i use daily on the computer so it would be protected from viruses. i also have a pop-up blocker and a firewall. nothing as gone wrong in a while [[a few months ago i had a "virus protection" virus, where every 5 minutes something would pop up telling me i had viruses and to pay 99 dollars to fix it, but spybot helped remove it]]. will spybot help me remove and protect me from viruses adequately, of am i missing something?


everybody seems to be suggesting AVAST, so i think i'll download that. is it TOTALLY free?

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    It's OK, but it has been known to not keep up on the latest virus databases. Use Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware instead.

    Don't just rely on anti-malware programs though, you need an anti-virus for realtime protection.

    EDIT: Avast is a great anti-virus program, I use it myself. Yes, it's 100% free, you just have to register it and you can use it for 14 months. When that is up, they will send you another registry code.

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    Spybot is owned by a generous member of the open source community. It has been subject to world wide testing and come up with very high ratings. However it is for the detection and removal of advert bots and things that contain malware. Little scripts that can come with downloads of pictures and just abpout anything else too off the net.

    You must have windows or some other firewall turned on and also a virus checker to check both incomming and outgoing files. is a safe site to get AVAST or AVG from. both are free and very reliable.

    Good computing.

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    No Sby-Bot Search and Destroy is not a virus. However its reputation has declined steadily since 2003. Reviews and awards In previous years Spybot has been applauded for its ease of installation, free updates, and excellent features. It won numerous awards, including the World Class 2003 Awards, the PC Magazine Editor's Choice and PC User Top Buy #1. Additionally, Spybot was recommended by ZDNet, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, MSNBC, CNN and other reviewers. Although PC Magazine initially rated it highly in 2003, their rating has declined steadily since, to "poor" in 2008: In January 2008, PC Magazine, after giving Spybot Search & Destroy 1.5 a score of just 1.5 out of 5[5], elected it as one of the worst tech products of the first quarter of 2008 and called its malware cleaning-up skills mediocre.

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    You just answered your own question. If Spybot removed everything and it did all that you stated it did then there is your answer. However, Spybot is not an Anti-Virus program you still need an Anti-Virus program i suggest either AVIRA OR AVAST if you are looking for free Anti-Virus protection.

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    I Agree With Frank N. Stein All The Way. Avast Is Good .. Kaspersky Is Good Aswell but its not a free program .. :(

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    Spybot is ok, but it's by no means the best there is.

    If you use Avast for both your antivirus & spyware needs you should be fine

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    Its a very good program,i have been using it from ages.It doesn't really remove viruses very well but as far as adware, popups, malware........Good Luck

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    Yes very. I've used it for years and most internet service providers recommend using it from time to time. It doesn't really remove viruses very well but as far as adware, popups, malware, hijackers and other crap, it gets rid of it all.

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    I thnk its a very good program.

    One of the best I've used.

    But I still think you will need a anti virus software.

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