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nfl 2009 playoof chances %?

what is the percentage of a team finishing 3rd in its division sneaking a #2 wild card cesearian birth with a record of 9-7. i got my fingers crossed the colts finish turd in their division behind the titans n jags.

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    It is very hard to get a playoff berth with a 9-7 in today's AFC

    The Patriots won 11 last year and didn't get in but the AFC East records were all inflated by playing the NFC West and AFC West. 10 or 11 seems like the number needed.

    I would say the odds of getting in as the 3rd team in an AFC division with a 9-7 record at less than 5%

    However, for what it's worth I think this could be the best Colt team of the decade and I would be very disappointed by only 9 wins. There are no major injuries going into camp. The defense should be dramatically improved due to larger tackles and overall better experience due to the past two injury plagued years. The offense should be much better as well. Lilja and Ugoh are both healthy and the running game should come back as a result. Also, the Colts face 10 opponents in the bottom 16 pass defenses last year meaning the throwing game could be very good.

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    The Colts are always contenders and the Titans have a damn good team this year. The Jags are still rebuilding and I dont think they will make a serious run for the playoffs this year. I would have to say that a team finishing 9-7 and earning a wild card berth would probably be around 45%-55%. Thats assuming there are teams with great records who dont make the playoffs (last year's Pats finished 11-5, missed playoffs). But as the saying goes...anything is possible on any given sunday.

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    I think the colts can win their league anyway, but if that were to happen it would completely depend on how the other teams in the AFC did. I think they'd need about 10-6 though to get wild card. I hope the texans (my team) can do that though.

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    it will be a long time before the colts finish at 3rd or lower in there division so i can belive that they will make the playoffs this year to also with them reaching the AFC divisional round then getting there butts kicked again with there ageing QB peyton manning

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