What's the problem between Kurds and Turks in Turkey? Why they can't get along?...?

I wanna travel to turkey this year, but I don't feel safe because of news I hear about country, ...actually why both of two ethnic groups can't get along together...

Ps: actually I have an idea of dividing turkey into Turkistan and Kurdistan Federal regions, Turkistan in the left and Kurdistan in the right side of the country, and both of them be united with the name of Anatolya....Please vote for this solution or suggest another one if u have better solution...

Thanks. Regards, Clair

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    Kurdistan is a region in south east turkey which is populated by Kurds.

    They want Independence from Turkey because they are treated as a second class citizens and face alot of persecution.

    This video exposes their brutality, but i must warn you that it contains very disturbing/barbaric images


    Youtube thumbnail

    The link shows how turks are treated when they ask for their basic human rights, It's a real tragedy how they hit old women and children.

    Edit : Their thumb down shows how much they are Intimidated by exposing their truth.

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    You ACTUALLY have an idea to divide my country...That must be the joke of the day. You seriously think that your brain can produce an idea without getting directions from other people.

    Show me your source which is a threat to you to stop visiting Turkey.

    You can't. Coz you don't have any don't you.

    You are a p r o v o c a t e u r.

    Just go play with ...... or something that you don't need a brain to perform!

    NOTE: I am trying to answer to Sugar Mama and she blocked me. I guess she is tooo afraid to get an answer from me.

    Her question is similar to yours so maybe two of you could get together and do something useful and harmless to human races.

    NOTE 2 : Now the hot katir or something blocked me as well.

    LMAO...You guys are coup or what..

    How old are you girls? What a shame

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    It's not that simple. Turkey's regime is totalitarian with a puppet government. They wouldn't accept anything compromising the unity of their country.

    Another reason is that Kurdish lands are rich in oil, which is an indispensable asset to Turkey.

    Also u have to bear in mind that if every separatist group were to get their way, we'd have an endless list of small countries which can't even survive on their own.

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    Are you a tourist, or a provocateur, or a plane troll? Who do you think you are mocking? Is this exaggeration question, a question that a tourist would ask? So, you are afraid of going to a country millions of tourists visits every year without any problem at all. You had better go and see a psychologist as you may be have a sort of emotional disorder such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or Turcophobia.

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    Same question in Politics section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hot katir blocked me too. Thank you so much to your comment about me:)

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    you ask the cause of problem.. that means you dont even know problem and still think of dividing my country ??i dont know what kind of troll you are. i didnt see you before.

    but you are thinking of dividing my country ?! hmm.. you are thinking of dividing my country and you are not even turk or kurd.. even pkk has no balls to say it today..

    an advice, if you say in a crowd in turkey that you are thinking of dividing turkey, you die. literally. you are beaten to death or really die.

    have fun being stupid!

    Source(s): if you are not a stupid troll, ask this question in politics section without adding your ideas, then you can get serious answers
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