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AP World History. Is this textbook okay? It's not the newest edition?

I can't afford to buy the current edition because it's too expensive (I'm self studying). i was thinking of buying this one....

it's called : World Civilizations.

It was made in 2005. I assume that history doesn't change, so i figured that it would be fine to get this book. What do you think?


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    You should be good. Most schools only buy books every few years (I think it's three for mine). They can't afford to keep buying the newest editions. If you want to get an idea of what's on the AP world history exam, just ask for notes from people who have already taken it, or ask the teacher who teaches that class at your school if you can barrow a released exam.

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    Well I was wondering the same thing. But do you mean Persia as an essay question? Can you really write that much about Persia? And for imperialism you mean as a an compare and contrast questions? Australia and Pacific? Is that even important? And yeah I don't think it''l compare Russia and China, that was aLready a past CC question. Possibly CCOT about Persia post WW1, when it became Iran? And I w as thinking the CC question could maybe something like compare the Indian Ocean Trade Network to the Silk Roads? They have't had an essay on IOTN since 2008 and Silk Roads since 2009. And it's def not going to be columbian exchange that was last year. Maybe imperialism?

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    I'd ask to make sure, just because there maybe extra details in the current edition. Try looking for the edition u need but slightly used, there are a lot of websites that sell used books on here and for a very reasonable price. GooD LucK

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