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How can I possibly choose between Christianity and Islam?

I was thinking:

Why would Muhammad, a successful merchant with a rich wife, sacrifice his wealthy lifestyle for persecution and rejection as a social outcast? Only a profound experience could explain this (thus as a result of cave meditation, confirming the Islamic tradition), which counters the impossible notion that he devised the style of the Koranic Arabic himself and thus verifies its literary ingenuity to have indeed originated in the divine.

BUT, just because the Qu'ran is a miracle doesn't mean Muhammad's a prophet - it could be a test from God to see if we'll accept Islam over Christianity because the Resurrection has anyway been historically-proven by the fact that no one was motivated to steal Christ's body from the tomb, yet it was not only found empty 2 days after his death but Mary Magdaline (its discoverer) had a vision which she took as the resurrected Christ.

But the argument could be reversed, in favour of Islam: that Christianity was a test to see if we will choose it over the miracle of the Qu’ran, hence Allah didn’t send Jesus back to Mary Magdaline when she hallucinated and inform her that, not only was she just hallucinating that he had risen from the dead, but that he wasn’t even him on the cross to begin with.

So how can I decide???

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    ...truly a difficult choice - pray on it for a christian or islamic response...

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    Christianity as we know it today is not what Jesus (pbuh) came with and it is not what he preached. Jesus came with the pure message of Islam and pure Islamic monotheism. He never told people that he is god or that he should be worshiped. He called people to worship the Creator alone without associating any partners with Him; and to completely submit to Him. The one who completely submits to the Creator without associating any partners; the Arabic word for such a person is Muslim. So Jesus was a Muslim.

    Later the priests followed their desires and to keep control of society they changed the religion and corrupted it. When Christianity became the State religion of the Roman Empire it did so by absorbing many pagan beliefs and traditions; and overtime this became the accepted version of Christianity.

    Also think of it logically; how can Jesus be the son of God? God created all of creation; all the planets and galaxies. Humans are but a tiny spec compared to all the rest of creation. So how can someone say that God has a son from amongst this small part of creation; this is an insult to God!

    Also how can Jesus be part god and part man at the same time. They are the complete opposites of each other. Humans need rest; God never rests. Humans are mortal; God is immortal. Humans need food; God doesn't need anything. Its like saying a shape is a square but a circle at the same time. It is impossible.

    Jesus was not crucified. Do you think God would let people kill someone who was so beloved to Him? Jesus did not die on the cross; but it was made to appear so but in reality he was raised up to the Heavens alive. And he will return to earth near the end of times.

    But the crucifixion is a fundamental part of Christianity; because they believe that Jesus has to have died for the sins of mankind. Islam says that God can forgive people without having to punish an innocent man; because no soul can bear the sins of another.

    I invite you to accept Islam for your salvation; when you accept Islam and sincerely repent then all your past sins are forgiven. Our purpose of creation is not to worship Jesus; but to worship Allah without associating any partners with him.

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    There's a difference of 600 years to contend with. Islam was started 600 after Christianity.

    You have related a very strange version of events, in your introduction, but is it true?

    You have to decide (if you are genuinely serious), not from the "stories" that each tells (or you say that it tells), but from what actually fits with the nature of God.

    Read about Catholic theology from Catholic writers, and see if you can grasp what they say about God. If you can understand, see if this fits with Catholic teaching about Jesus, and what Gods wants for your life.

    Do the same with Islam. What do they teach about God (Allah)? Does it make sense to you? Does it fit with what they teach is Allah's way?

    Open your mind to the possibility that God exists, and may have the truth waiting for you to discover.

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    peace be upon u

    be with the proof

    when jesus pbuh was revealed he had miracles at his time

    prophet muhammad also had miracles

    both had miracles

    but prophet muhammad came after prophet jesus to continue his message and clarify it for those who worship esus pbuh instead of/beside ALLAH

    and as long as u admit that the quran has miracles why do not u believe?

    this means that prophet muhamad pbuh was truthfull and he was a true prophet from ALLAH

    anyway i hope u follow these links

    Quran Miracles encyclopdia

    The Proof That Islam Is The Truth - Abdur-Raheem Green…

    Twelve Proofs that Muhammad is a True Prophet

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    new muslims convert…

    Jesus In The Quran

    Who Is Jesus ?

    Similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity

    Contradictions in the bible

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    Well said by "Khuram" and "De".

    If you were born in the age of Jesus (PBUH), i will suggest you to follow Jesu (PBUH).

    But the fact is that you are born in this age, then I will suggest you to follow Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Jesus (PBUH) on his return to earth will definetly follow the last prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    God decided to send Jesus (PBUH) back to this world only to inform the christians that they were wrong in worshipping him as God.

    The proof that Jesus christ (PBUH) was not crucified and he was alive si teh sign of Jonah. Jesus himself said that:

    Matthew 12:40 For just as Jonah was in the belly of the huge fish for three days and three nights, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights.

    But you see your question that mary Magdaline found the tomb emty on the 2nd day. that means this prophect is not fulfilled.

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    Firstly, it doesn't take a profound experience to see past materialistic values. Just a basic life assessment of what you truly do value. Some people can't be around money and nice things without falling in love with it so they wisely separate themselves from that kind of lifestyle.

    Secondly, you can easily take up both religions, as Church is on Sundays and Mosque is on Fridays.

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    You should focus more on the basic of those religions.

    Islam says that there's none deserved to be worshipped but god alone,he's eternal(never die),he neither begets nor is born,nor is there to him any equivalent. Jesus is created by His word,he's messenger of god who was born from virgin mary.he's not god,nor son of god.

    Christianity and Islam differs in those principles above.

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  • Leo
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    You know, there are other options. Hundreds of millions of people believe in God and are neither Christian nor Muslim. You can be a theist without belonging to a religion.

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    i dont see it would be just if GOD asks us why we dont believe in the bible simply because it is no more serve as the word of GOD


    think about it

    on the opposite the Quran is preserved without word change and challenge to find on mistake in it or produce one chapter like it

    anyway this site will help

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    Part of your decision-making process really should involve coming to the realization that those are not your only choices. There's also Judaism, paganism, Wicca, agnosticism, Buddhism, shintoism, Hinduism, atheism,'s a pretty long list.

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    Both are heathenism. Why choose between the two? Accept the faith of YAHUSHUA the Savior. Only through that can you have life.... (His life, that He will share with you)

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