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I need to book a plane from Canada to France?

I need to book a plane ticket from Canada to France for like Tuesday and I've never done anything like this before. Would a Travel Agency be my best bet? I'm just worried by the time I get an appointment, and get everything figured out, it will be too late, or they will overcharge me.. If I were to do it online, what site would you recommend? Btw I need to get from Regina, SK to Aigues-mortes, France. Thanks for your help!

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    I disagree with the first answer. I have extensive travel experience and never use an agency. It is simply not true that they don't charge, of course they do that's how they get paid. They also don't always find the best (cheapest tickets).

    This is something everyone should know how to do. At the least, do it once for the experience. a search on Find the airlines and flights that look like what you would want and then go to that airline's website and book the ticket. The price will be within a few dollars of what you find. If you feel better call the airline once you know which ones actually fly from Regina. The kayak site will also search airports close-by for cheaper more convenient flights.

    Enjoy your trip.


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    You can check Air Canada( for availability and book if you have a credit card, better still why not go over to the local Air Canada Travel Agency near you and book it all there so that their staff can help and advise you, its far better than you having to do this by yourself on your first trip abroad.

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    its easy to do it online. first thing first summer months are the most expensive to travel and your cutting it real close so your ticket will be expensive. Go to,, priceline, hotwire, etc. choose the cheapest flight, book it using a credit card. then print your itinerary and take that to the airport with you along with your passport. that's really all that it takes. And for future refrence make sure you purchase your tickets 8-12 weeks before departure that way you insure yourself the cheapest possible ticket. it works for me.

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    yeah a travel agency wud always be better cos they would have the cheapest tickets with them and they are far more responsive than the airlines themselves - but do remember that these agents are supposed to be give u cheaper tickets and shud not charge you anything extra

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