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是那個帕華洛帝 凱列拉斯 多明哥


只記得歌詞開頭是memory.... 結尾是memory the day has be gone(好像是)

我想知道他的歌名 如果可能的話 請給我歌詞 因為我都找不到

因為我記不太得了 所以給各位造成回答的難度 非常抱歉~~

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Memory 詞:Trevor Nunn

    Midnight, not a sound from the pavement 午夜,路上寂靜無聲

    Has the moon lost her memory 月兒也失去記憶

    She is smiling alone 她笑得多孤寂

    In the lamplight 街燈下

    The withered leaves collect at my feet 枯葉在我的脚下堆積

    And the wind begins to moan 風兒也開始哀鳴

    Memory, all alone in the moonlight 回憶,當我獨自在月光裏

    I can smile at the old days 我的笑只在往昔

    It was beautiful then那時多麼美麗

    I remember the time I knew what happiness was 回憶當時才知快樂是什麼含義

    Let the memory live again 讓回憶重新降臨

    Every street lamp seems the best 每盏燈像是

    A fatalistic warning 宿命的警訊

    Someone mutters 某人喃喃低語

    And a streetlamp gutter 街燈成排

    And soon it will be morning 清晨就快來到

    Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise 日光,我等待太陽升起

    I must think of a new life 我要為未來思慮

    And I mustn't give in 而我不能放棄

    When the dawn comes 當黎明到來

    Tonight will be a memory, too今夜也將要成為回憶

    And a new day will begin 新的一天就要開始

    Burnt out ends of smoky days 每日都像燃燒的煙霧

    The stale, cold smell of morning 霉味充滿清晨空氣

    The street lamp dies 街燈又熄

    Another night is over又是一夜過去

    Another day is dawning又將是一個黎明

    Touch me, it's so easy to leave me 靠近我,離開我多麼容易

    All alone with the memory of my days in the sun 讓我獨自回憶,回憶昨日美麗

    If you touch me 如果你靠近

    You'll understand what happiness is你將明瞭快樂的意義

    Look! A new day has begun看!新的一天已經來臨

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