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泰國地處亞洲中南半島上,約位於北緯 5~20 度、東經 99~105 度,國境大部份為低緩的山地和高原。









10座歷史遺跡公園包括:帕薩滿欣、帕儂藍 ( Phanom Rung)、素可泰、 西薩查那萊 ( Si Satchanalai)、 甘烹碧 ( Kamphaeng Phet)、席貼(Sri Thep)、碧邁、大城、 帕那空奇里 ( Phra Nakhon Khiri)、 朴菩蝙蝠 ( Phu Phra Bat)等。這些都是泰國的著名地標

泰國還有許多珍貴的民俗文化及工藝作品:佛像雕塑、寺廟壁畫、傳統舞蹈、傳統樂曲、面具「倥」舞、Nang Yai皮影戲、Hun Lakhom Lek木偶戲

泰國的 satay、som tom、gang khion wahn、tom yum goong、pad thai、tab tim krob is so great.


請幫忙一 下

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    Ancient name Thailand Siam in 1238, the establishment of the Kingdom of Thailand Sukhothai. Thai culture by the Chinese culture and a great influence on Indian culture. In June 1932 after the revolution, Siam became a constitutional monarchy. Renamed Thailand in 1949.Thailand by the Buddhist influence, there are many Buddhist festivals are concerned. April 13 ~ April 15: Songkran, December 5: King's Birthday.Thailand is located on the Indochina Peninsula in Asia, located about 5 ~ 20 degrees north latitude, 99 ~ 105 degrees east longitude, the majority of the border for low-and high altitude of the mountain. Can be divided into West﹑Among﹑ East ﹑South in four parts of the South. Thailand, a total of 76 SAR, including 75 House and the capital - Bangkok.Thailand's western mountains, is located in Chiang Mai House because of his warm mountain (2,576 meters) is the highest peak in Thailand.North-eastern part of the plateau, where the summer very arid, very muddy during the rainy season, not suitable for farming.Is the central plains. From Bangkok to north, the terrain gradually slow rises is Thailand's main agricultural production.Gulf of Thailand south of Bangkok for the mangrove area.Southern Thailand is a continuation of the western mountains.Thailand's people than the boundaries of the country for an elephant's head, to the north as a "crown-like", the local representative of the Northeast "Phalaenopsis", on behalf of the Gulf of Siam, "as I" and the South on behalf of the "trunk." Thailand is the Thai language.Park, 10 historical sites include: passavant full-yan, phanom Blue (Phanom Rung), Sukhothai, Western Richard Levin that (Si Satchanalai), Kamphaengphet (Kamphaeng Phet), I posted (Sri Thep), Bi step, big city, Pago chiriqui nakhon (Phra Nakhon Khiri), Bat Bo Park (Phu Phra Bat) and so on.

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    These are well-known landmark in Thailand.

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    There are many valuable works of folk culture and craft:

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    Buddha sculpture, temple murals, traditional dance, traditional music,

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    Masks and "ignorant" Dance, Nang Yai shadow play, Hun Lakhom Lek puppet show.Thai satay, som tom, gang khion wahn, tom yum goong, pad thai, tab tim krob is so great.Movement in Thailand Thai boxing, sepak takraw, soccer.

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    Masks and 的M是小寫


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