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How to activate this remote control to a Philips Magnavox?

So I'm trying to activate my Dish Network remote control "20.0 IR ; 158926" from EchoStar Technologies L.L.C. to my Philips Magnavox. How can I do it?

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    Magnavox 506, 520, 525, 536, 564,565, 566, 567, 568, 569, 573, 575, 610, 710, 712

    1. Turn ON the device you want the remote to control

    2. Press and hold the mode button for the device that you want the remote to control, for about three seconds. When all the other mode button backlights come on, release the mode button. For example

    3. Use the number buttons to enter the code for the device.

    Note: For the AUX mode, you must enter a 4-digit code. The first digit is the code for the device, as follows:

    0 is for a second TV, 1 is for a second VCR, and 2 is for an audio amplifier or cable TV box.

    4. Press and release the Pound (#) button. If the code is valid, the mode button backlight blinks three times.

    5. Test if the code works for the device by pressing the Power button. If the code works, the device should turn OFF.

    6. Turn the device back ON and try some other buttons to make sure they work. Sometimes, the Power button may work when other buttons do not. If the code works for other buttons, stop here.

    7. If the code you entered does not work, repeat steps 2 through 6

    using another code

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    contact philips...they may even have the codes on their website.

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