is 380 acp ammo different than regular 380 auto ammo?

i had someone suggest that they were different and i had the wrong ammo cause the gun has acp imprinted on it and it doesnt say acp on the box. the 10 round mag also seems difficult to load, and over 5 rounds in the mag it will only shoot once and the slide goes back somewhat like it was empty and then it wont shoot so i drop the mag and pull the slide more and a round pops out of the chamber, what gives?


and its a hi point (yes i know its a cheap gun but its new and shouldnt do this)

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    In the name 380 ACP, the A stands for Auto, the C stand for Colt, and the P stands for Pistol. The cartridge is called many names, as you are finding.

    380 Auto

    380 ACP

    9mm Kurz


    and more. The cartridge is popular around the world.

    As to your feeding problems, you have a bad mag. This sounds like a case of excessive magazine lifter spring tension. If the gun cycles with 4 cartridges, but not say 7, the spring is pressing too hard on the cartridges and causing them to bind the slide. Try a different mag. Were I you I would send the gun to Hi Point and get them to fix the problem.

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    ACP, in this case, stands for "Automatic Colt Pistol." Colt invented the round for a gun of theirs.

    Other manufacturers really, really don not want their own ammunition associated with Colt, so they refer to the ammo as "Auto" instead. This is true with .380 ACP and .45 ACP. Seems like there's another one that I'm forgetting.

    Anyway, it's the right ammo for the gun. Just a different name for marketing reasons.

    As far as the gun acting up, new guns often need a break-in. Disassemble it, clean and lube it thoroughly, then start shooting.

    Hi-Points are actually decent guns, accurate and reliable. They cut a lot of corners to keep the price down, but that doesn't mean the gun isn't good. Give it a fair chance.

    First, buy as many different brands of ammo as you can find. Just one box of each, but shoot some of each through the gun. It may have preferences, semi-autos often do.

    Next, just take your time. Don't judge a gun before you've put 500 rounds through it. If it only wants 5 in the magazine for now, do it 5 rounds at a time. As you shoot, the moving parts rub against each other, and polish each other.

    Take it apart every 100 rounds, clean and lube it thoroughly, then keep shooting. Do that 5 times.

    Also, get your hands on another magazine. The problem you are describing could easily be a mag problem, not a gun problem.

    My Hi-Point carbine technically holds 10 rounds, but it's mighty difficult to get that 10th round in, and impossible to seat a full magazine in the gun with the bolt closed. However, aside from that quirk, it's one of my most accurate carbines, and it is 100% reliable. I've put hundreds of rounds thru it in a day with 0 malfunctions.

    Have faith! Have patience! You will be rewarded.

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    It saddens me that even at right here there are people who elect to confirm their acquaintances injured. Use basically 380 ACP or 380 motor vehicle, as different "ok" container designations like 9mm Corto are uncommon sufficient around right here that "container content textile substitutions" might have exceeded off. that's achieveable that because you're surrounded by capacity of FELON saboteurs, you additionally should verify the case markings! The 9mm Parabellum (Luger) is slightly longer and the two shells headspace on the casemouth, so it would take some criminal rechambering your gun to be waiting to chamber and hearth 9mm ammo, yet on your case you have unusual sufficient friends for that to have exceeded off! If it exceeded off, probable the extractor might carry onto perfect 380 motor vehicle shells properly sufficient that the firing pin can hearth the primer, so which you will not have any clue somebody had set you up. IF an EMPTY 9mm case will chamber on your gun, then somebody has set you up this way for a disaster, using fact the 9mm runs at 35,000 psi and the 380 ACP runs at basically 21,500 psi.

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    Same thing.

    Seriously..... (rolls eyes)

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