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African Clawed Frog Questions?

I've currently had an African clawed frog for the past 3-4 Months. Several days ago I got another ACF, this one an albino, and now it's time for a larger tank.

They're currently being housed in a 5 gallon aquarium, with an in-tank filter. I would like to upgrade to a 20 gallon, but it is a ways out of my price range. Eventually, I will upgrade to a 20 gallon, but right now I am upgrading to a 10 gallon.

I have several questions regarding my ACFs:

- They are currently on a diet of freeze dried bloodworms and floating reptile sticks cut into smaller pieces. Any better suggestions on what to feed them? [Preferably something that sinks]

- Sand substrate instead of gravel? Good idea, or bad idea?

Thanks :] Any other tips you want to add, that'd be great too! I'm always up to learn something new about my critters :]

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    1.) You can also try waxworms, earthworms, feeder fish such as guppies, brine shrimp, and dog and cat food. Most of these float (besides the live animals, of course!) and are available at most pet stores or bait shops.

    2.) Sand should be avoided as it can lead to accidental ingestion and impaction, which can kill your frogs.

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    a million. definite yet verify they're tender and feed him on a terracota plate additionally verify he can no longer swallow the pebbles. 2. in case you decide on solid lowlight plant life get wisteria, anachris, crypts or anubias. 3. Feed them pellets and frozen/stay bloodworms. additionally i could shop the sand fairly because it quite is greater well-off for his abdomen and he won't choke on it. yet verify you initiate up feeding him on some form of plate or small jar so he won't choke on the substrate. additionally ghost shrimp make solid stay nutrients in case you get quite small ones.

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