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    Be careful. If you simply delete your email account without making your YA account as private and anonymous as you can, you are asking for problems.

    Only the YA team can DELETE your account. Closing your EMAIL ID deactivates the YA account, evenutally, but you also lose everything attached to that email account-- all all access to your YA account to privatize it. After 4 months, the YA profile WILL disappear. But ALL Q&A from that profile are still visible & searchable on site. IN VOTING or RESOLVED Q&A remain the property of Yahoo.

    Blank out your avatar, nickname and 'About Me'.

    Close links to Yahoo Profiles, IM or email.

    Delete open questions and answers.

    Disallow fans. Remove contacts.

    Set Network and Q&A to private.

    Then just leave.

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    We're sorry to see you go, but if you've chosen to close your account we'll show you how.


    You'll need your current password to close your account. If you don't remember it, first use the Yahoo Password Helper to recover it.

    We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer. The web browsers on some mobile devices may not load all pages properly.

    Visit the Terminating your Yahoo account page.

    Read through the "Before continuing, please consider the following information" section.

    Confirm your password in the field provided.

    Enter the CAPTCHA code.

    Click Terminate this Account.

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    delete account

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    You can't delete your Answers account unless you delete your whole Yahoo account altogether.

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    delete your yahoo mail account

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    Sadly you have to delete your email account on

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    delete the email address associated with it.

    click this link to delete everything... its a package.

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    idk...getting banned is more fun... apparently im better at getting banned than actually answering question in the opinion of mr YAHOO

  • Anonymous
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    you go to the top of the page, where it says "hi,___" and then you move ur mouse aroow to that, and click on account info, and then there u can delete it

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