whats the best way to get more hp and torque out of my acura integra?

I have a 92 integra which is completely stock and i wanna get a little more umph out of it. I dont wanna spend tons of money however, so no turbos or anything of that nature. Im thinking high flow cats, mufflers, cold air intake/short ram intake. I just want to know the advatages and disadvantages of each system, how easy they are to install, and what kind of power increase I could expect

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    Go to the integra/honda forums and get advice on the brands you choose. Price don't always mean quality, but cheap stuff is mostly junk. I have a $120 stainless steel BBP catback from eBay. After 3,000 miles it is rusting. Go figure.

    Cheap intakes generally come with crap filters. K&N is good along with AEM, Injen and a handful of others. Don't go too cheap. The products you mentioned are fairly easy to install. The exhaust may have rusty bolts that might need cut off. A/C makes it a little harder to work with headers, but it's still easy.

    I recommend staying away from cold air intakes if you live in a wet climate and daily drive your car. Water will get sucked in the intake and destroy your engine. You can get a bypass valve with an AEM intake that will help if you get water in your intake. Short rams do not have this problem, but do not create as much power.

    DO NOT gut your cat. It's illegal and you will not pass smog if you live in one of those states that check emissions. High-flow cats are relatively cheap.

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    K&N is good advice...but if based on your list I recomend just doing the entire air flow system- ie headers, exhaust, intake. its the basic basic mod set up. an important thing to remember is that the parts listed above feed off each other so if you do 1 you really wont see its potential unless you do the other 2 (also, gut your catalectic converter-easy, google it).

    All three parts are bolt on and are not difficult so long as you have the right tools and arent affraid to crawl under a car or reach in to the engine bay. ... well actually the headers might be a pain so u might want to get some help with those but the rest is a sinch.

    look around for parts and remember that price doesnt always mean quality. research parts!!!!! find an integra forum on line and ask those guy for recomendations. you could probly even find do it youselfs on such forums that would explain the whole process to you.

    those mods should give you no less than 15-20 bhp.

    have fun! the integra's are bullet proof!

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    The best bang for your buck for acceleration would be a tranny swap (b16, gsr or type transmissions). That would be without sacrificing any reliability what so ever keep in mind. Bolt ons are not worth the money for a non built or FI motor. intake wont hurt but its prob not going to help.

    OH btw the most important part of my post I almost forgot


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    K&N air filters

    Summit racing might have some stuff


    Summit Racing-http://www.summitracing.com/

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